True or False: Should I Dry and Iron My Jeans?

True or False: Should I Dry and Iron My Jeans?

There is nothing in your closet that feels more like home than your favorite pair of jeans. They sit perfectly on your hips, and they're the perfect length and the most flattering cut for your shape. They are comfortable, form-fitting and, best of all, they have molded themselves to your unique body.

Once we find that perfect pair of jeans, whether they’re curvy fit jeans or straight leg jeans, we want them to last forever. This brings us to our big question: Should I dry and iron my jeans? The answer: Well, yes and no. Below we have compiled some tips, insights, and myth busters about jean care to help you keep your denim looking fabulous for years.

Drying Your Jeans

There is a lot of debate in the denim world about whether one should machine dry their jeans. There are both pros and cons to throwing those jeans into the dryer, and very often the answer comes down to personal preference. Denim is usually made from cotton, which is sensitive to heat. So if you do choose to dry your jeans, we have some tips on the best ways to do it to preserve their color, fit and fabric.

The Pros of Drying Your Jeans

The best part about tossing your jeans in the dryer is that it can be a one-stop solution for returning your jeans to form. This is especially true for women’s jeans, as women very often prefer their denim to be form-fitting. Over time, jeans can stretch and not cling to the shape of the body as well as they once did. If your jeans are stretched out, a quick tumble in the dryer after washing can help them regain their shape.

We recommend washing your jeans inside out to preserve the color and wash on a cold setting. Similarly for drying, we suggest drying them inside out. Throw them in the tumble drier with a few dryer balls or tennis balls to prevent wrinkling and to ensure uniform drying. Dry the jeans on low heat or delicate setting unless the care label specifies otherwise. Do not overdry your jeans! Remove them from the dryer when still damp and hang them on a rack to air dry. This tip helps to prevent too much shrinkage or wear and tear to the fabric.

The Cons of Drying Your Jeans

Some people prefer to air-dry their denim and for good reason: Tumble dryers can damage denim over time by wearing it down and even tearing it. The dryer can also increase fading and loss of color in your jeans. This can be especially unfortunate for gorgeous deep blue colors, unique washes and women’s black jeans. Instead of putting your jeans in the dryer, opt for hanging them dry or, even better, lay flat to dry, which avoids the need to iron them back into shape.

Ironing Your Jeans

To iron or not to iron? Again, there are many factors involved with ironing your jeans that often comes down to personal preference. Many people love ironing everything and are particularly averse to any signs of wrinkling on any of their clothes, including jeans. If this sounds familiar, then maybe ironing your jeans is for you. Regardless of any particularities about wrinkled jeans, ironing can sometimes do more harm than good.

Tips for Safe Ironing

If you do choose to iron those denims, then here are some tips for you. Be sure to keep the iron on a low heat setting and fill the iron with enough water so that you can keep the jeans damp throughout ironing. Pull the pockets out to prevent creasing and also avoid ironing the zipper imprint onto the jean. Turn the jeans inside out to avoid any potential fading and be sure to iron along the natural seam of the jeans. For waistbands and high-rise jeans, take extra care to iron around all those edges without creating an imprint somewhere else in the fabric.


This is one you probably have not heard before. Our preference over ironing is steaming. Steaming is an age-old ironing hack that is even more simple than it sounds. Simply hang your favorite denim in the bathroom while showering; the steam from the shower will have the same effect on your jeans as an iron without overdrying or overheating. Steam keeps your jeans looking sharp, wrinkle-free and fresh.

Jean care is important to keeping your favorite denim around longer. Be sure to check care labels on your jeans for any specific care instructions; whether drying, ironing or steaming, there is a way to care for your jeans without wearing them down.


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