4 Trendy Swimwear Colors to Try for This Summer

4 Trendy Swimwear Colors to Try for This Summer

Every event at the pool or the beach has a different feel, so why would you wear the same suit to every party? Different swimsuit styles and colors exist because the moods change every time. By having different color swimsuits in your closet, you can pick just the right look for the event. Have these pretty pieces in different styles to fully diversify your options when it comes to swim time. Here are four trendy swimwear colors to try for this summer.

Classic Black

When you want to stay on trend, remember that classic colors are always in style. Having a little black swimsuit in your wardrobe can give you a stylish edge for any occasion. For instance, a black scoop-neck one-piece swimsuit can be suitable for everywhere from the beach to a family backyard pool party. It offers enough coverage to help you feel modest and protected from the sun.

Black swimsuits are a perfect blank canvas for add-ons like shorts and a swim cover-up. Whether you get a one-piece or a two-piece set with a tankini, black is such a versatile color that can be matched with many different types of wraps, shoes, accessories, and more. If you like to integrate patterns such as an animal print wrap swim skirt, rest assured that black matches just right with practically anything.

Bright White

White is a color that people typically avoid wearing to the ocean or pool, but when it’s lined properly and of high quality, it can last for many seasons and retain its brilliance. When getting a white swimsuit, don’t buy anything that has an insufficient lining or feels unsupportive. The key is to get a high-end piece that is easy to wash and is made of materials that are resistant to stains and warping.

For the best results, keep sunblock away from your white swimsuit and avoid washing your swimsuit with any other colors so the dyes don’t mix with it. When you wear a white swimsuit, you can also easily glam up your look with jewelry and other accessories. White is also flattering on any skin tone and can bring out a healthy glow. Glam this swimsuit up with some jewelry and accessories like a wide-brim hat and sunglasses for a beautiful and stylish look.

Pretty Shades of Pink

Light pink and coral hues are having a moment in the swimming world, especially swimsuits in the salmon and pink-orange color scheme. In fact, any type of pink—especially hot pink—is highly in favor this season. The good news is that this color spectrum is also universally appealing, and it has been a consistently popular color no matter what trends go in and out of style. So, if you need a swimsuit that you can be confident wearing a few years from now, pick something cute in pink.

While pink is often associated with flirty two-pieces and bikinis, you can also get cute sporty one-pieces and tankinis in this color. A pink zip-up high-neck swimsuit is one example of a sporty yet cute look that you can wear both at the beach and the gym pool. Many people prefer this color scheme to bring a cheerful mood to the party. It’s also a color that gets you noticed in a crowd!

Cheerful Yellow

Talk about bold and fun! Yellow is one of this summer’s hottest colors because it not only brings out a beautiful glow in all skin tones but it also is cheerful and cute. You can see yellow in solid prints and especially in floral prints. It’s also a popular color that is found in sporty geometric color block prints. Whether you want to wear a cute yellow top with a swim skirt or find an attractive swim dress with some yellow flower prints, this color scheme will diversify your look and give you something attractive to wear.

Experiment With New Patterns, Textures, and Cuts

Not only are these four colors on trend right now, but there are also new textures and fabric effects to explore this season. If you want something tried and true, floral prints, geometric shapes, stripes, and solid-color swimsuits are great patterns you can always count on. If you want to be more experimental, try this season’s on-trend shimmery swimsuits, rib textures, scalloped cuts, and different types of swim styles such as halter, scoop-neck, swim tees, and more. No matter where you look, there will be plenty of options that meet your style needs.

For a refreshing swimsuit haul, try wearing these four trendy swimwear colors this summer and beyond!

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