To Tuck or Not To Tuck: Styling Your Men’s Sweater This Winter

To Tuck or Not To Tuck: Styling Your Men’s Sweater this Winter

To tuck or not to tuck. That is the question. Deciding to tuck a sweater into your waistband or leave it out depends on a variety of factors. What type of sweater is it? What pants are you wearing with the sweater? What other ways will you be styling the sweater and the overall outfit? In this post, we will take a look at the various ways to style a sweater, including how, when, and why to tuck or untuck that chic, cozy winter sweater of yours.

Compromise With the Half-Tuck

If you are going for a trendy, casual look, use this opportunity as a chance to show off your effortlessly fashionable side with the half-tuck. Leaving a men’s sweater only half-tucked in works great with informal pant styles, specifically jeans. Opting for the half-tuck method allows you to show off accessories like a snazzy belt while getting a more unique and flattering fit. The key when approaching the half-tuck is pairing it with the right pants and showing off this style in the right environments. Avoid showing up to an important work presentation with your sweater half-tucked into your dress trousers. Grabbing drinks with friends at a swanky new bar in town? Now that is the optimal time to debut the half-tuck.

What to Do With the Men’s Cardigan

When deciding whether to tuck in a sweater, be mindful of the type of sweater you are styling. A men’s cardigan sweater is generally open in the front while some come with the option to button up and some without. Because the front style of the sweater is generally open, tucking it into your pants will give off a sloppy look. Even if you plan to wear a men’s cardigan with a button-down front, the size and length of the cardigan won’t make tucking it in a good look. Our verdict on the men’s cardigan? Leave it untucked. Instead, layer it over a crisp white tee for a casual look or a button-down dress shirt for a more formal look.

The Word on Cashmere

Cashmere. The king of sweater material. The luxurious quality of an ultra-soft cashmere sweater allows you to give off a very sophisticated and relaxed vibe. A men’s cashmere sweater is something that can be worn on a date, to a work dinner, for a day at the office, or throughout a leisure vacation. It is undoubtedly classy, but it’s comfortable and versatile too. When it comes to cashmere sweaters, you can go either way: tucked or untucked. Again, we will reiterate that it will always depend on the cut of the cashmere sweater, where you plan to wear it, and what other articles of clothing you will wear it with. If you are attending a formal dinner party, tuck that cashmere sweater in for a clean, polished look. Whenever you tuck in a sweater, adding a belt will not only accessorize the look and give it more dimension but also help you achieve a totally stylish yet presentable and professional look. If you are wearing a cashmere sweater for a casual occasion, it’s your choice whether to tuck it in or not. Cashmere sweaters look fantastic tucked in or untucked with bottoms including jeans, fitted dress slacks, and corduroy pants.

Exploring Different Sweater Cuts

As we mentioned in an earlier point, a cardigan sweater is best left untucked. When deciding whether or not to tuck in a sweater, take note of both the fabric and the cut. A sweater with a lot of length or an oversized look should be left untucked and paired with contrasting bottoms, such as fitted pants instead of wide-leg pants. Something like a men’s V-neck sweater can look fabulous with a tucked-in style. The casual, stylish, slightly edgy look of the V-neck becomes more pronounced when contrasted with the buttoned-up, polished look of a tucked-in style. A crewneck sweater is also something that can be tucked into your bottoms. If the sweater style you choose is already fitted, there likely isn’t a need to tuck it in.

The Word on Pants

The pants you style with the sweater are just as important as the decision to tuck or untuck the sweater. Most men’s sweater styles today have a larger, looser, bulkier look to them. These sweater styles simply won’t look good tucked in. However, a lightweight sweater paired with high-rise dress trousers gives off an immaculate Hollywood glamour look. Think Fred Astaire or Carey Grant. So if you are going for a vintage look, opt for something like a lightweight cashmere tucked into high-rise tweed pants. The key is to stick to lightweight materials and cuts. Don’t attempt to tuck in a cable-knit sweater. Stick to cashmere or modal and pair it with thicker, wider bottoms.

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