Tips for Layering Shirts Under Cardigans

Tips for Layering Shirts Under Cardigans

Throughout the year, you'll often need to layer your outfits. Whether you're In the heat of summer but are about to go into a cold movie theater, or if you need to have some extra security as the summer fades into fall, women's cardigans keep you comfortable when you need an extra layer of warmth. But how do you layer shirts under cardigans to make a stylish outfit?

With the right strategies, you can make stunning outfits that make the most out of your best features. These ensembles will keep you warm and comfortable and covered no matter what you're facing. Here are some tips for layering shirts under cardigans.

Find Your Style

Your style is unique. It's important to discover what is most flattering on your body shape, and what suits your personality. Usually, cardigans look more flattering when the top underneath has less coverage, like petite tank tops. They can also look attractive when worn with T-shirts, silk blouses, turtlenecks, scarves, and more. There are plenty of style rules out there, but the only one that you need to follow is what makes you feel confident. If the outfit makes you feel good, then wear it with pride. The following tips are general styling rules that you can apply to your wardrobe if you need new ideas.

Define Some Shape Underneath

Oversized, slouchy, and long cardigans are in, but if you decide to wear a baggy shirt underneath, it can make your silhouette look muddled. It's important to balance out a large cardigan with something shapely underneath. For example, wear a form-fitting T-shirt or a belted dress so that instead of erasing your figure, your cardigan enhances it. A good example would be to wear a long cardigan with an A-line or pencil skirt and a fitted blouse that hugs your curves. Keeping your silhouette form-fitting underneath the cardigan will make you look more fashionable, and also define your waist and make you look taller as well.

T-shirts are timeless tops that always go with the trends. Tucking your shirt in the front of your high-waisted shorts instantly defines your waist, even if the shirt is baggy. This creates more shape and allows you to wear your favorite cardigan with ease. You can also make more of a visual impact with a belt that draws the eye and defines the waist.

Fitted Cardigans for Baggy Tops

Conversely, if you want to wear a loose-fitting shirt like a tunic top, then balance the look with a cardigan with fitted sleeves. By evening out the silhouette, you can create a figure that defines your shape and doesn't look too baggy.

This delicate shift reduces the visual weight of your outfit and creates an attractive frame. Pay attention to the material as well. Avoid wearing chunky knits that add volume when the top underneath is already billowy. Instead, choose a thin material like Supima cotton for warmer weather. A cashmere cardigan is also a fine choice if you would like less volume but still want to stay warm in the winter.

Nail the Office Look with Button-Down Shirts

Taking your cardigans to the office is easy when you pair your shirts with something business casual like a button-down shirt. When the indoor temperature feels a little chilly, it doesn't hurt to have a cardigan in your desk or locker. Choose a neutral color like black or grey that can match with many of your business casual tops.

Button-down shirts are easy to style and match with skirts, dress pants, and casual Friday jeans. It’s also a good idea to change the type of cardigan you have on-hand depending on the season. Cotton works well in the spring and summer, while cashmere and heavy knits will keep you toasty in the winter.

Accessorize Your Outfit

When styling with cardigans, remember to accessorize with your favorite jewelry, scarves, and more. A long pendant necklace, T-shirt, and jeans go well together as a casual weekday outfit. Likewise, fall boots, a knit dress, and a long cardigan also make a stunning combination. No matter the season, your favorite accessories can complete an outfit with a cardigan easily.

Experiment with Dresses

Cardigans also pair well with many kinds of dresses. All you have to do is find the type of cardigan that matches the level of dressiness that you prefer. For example, if you wear a t-shirt dress, then a fitted cotton cardigan is more than enough. However, if you want to wear a semi-formal sheath dress to a company luncheon, then a cashmere cardigan or blazer would suit your look better.

Layering shirts under cardigans is easy when you follow these styling tips. What style will you integrate into your closet this year?


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