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Why a Throw Blanket Makes the Perfect Gift

Throw blankets are an easy gift that everyone loves. Who doesn’t want that snuggly warm feeling of being wrapped up in luxury? Since throw blankets typically are made from luxury materials, they offer a softer, more inviting experience than the usual blanket. Here’s why you should gift throw blankets this season.

Give a Cozy Gift

First, unlike many other blankets, throw blankets are luscious and made from material such as cashmere, silk, and other fuzzy yarns. Most throw blankets feel even cozier than your favorite fleece blankets. You don’t need to break the bank for a throw blanket. If you’re on a budget, you can opt to purchase a synthetic material that still has that luxurious, soft feel. Since these materials are so universally loved, they make amazing gifts.

Make It Match

Create the perfect care package with your throw blanket. Think about the giftee’s living space, and give a throw blanket that matches. Use complementary colors for an added pop and personal touch, or opt to match existing furniture. Take colors from their throw pillows for a gift that’s not only loveable but also speaks to their personal decorating tastes. Be thoughtful with your blanket gift and think about what style that person enjoys. Do they go for a modern vibe, or do they embrace the boho-chic style? Are they worldly or preppy? Do they have lots of bright colors in their house, or do they prefer black-and-white tones? If you don’t know, just picture their favorite living and entertaining space, then choose a blanket that complements the feel of that space. Choose a throw that matches their household decor for maximum impact. The result is a gift they will cherish for seasons on end.

Personalize It

Nothing quite says “the perfect gift” like a personal touch. A personalized throw blanket is the ultimate companion. It’s not just for adults — kids will love them too. Put an image of their favorite animal or a coveted nickname on the blanket to give your gift that personal touch. You can even inspire children by putting their favorite superhero or athlete or dream job on their blanket. Keep it fun and inspiring. For adults, use a fun phrase or inspiring quote to personalize their blanket. Think about what that person enjoys, such as a quote from their favorite author or a silly phrase they love to use in everyday life. For weddings, get their special date embroidered on the blanket. Either way, go beyond typical initials for a fun-filled personalized gift they’ll love.

Get Versatile

Throw blankets aren’t just for the couch. In fact, with today’s advancements in material technology, you can have the ultimate throw blanket that’s suitable for indoors and out. Search for stain and dirt shedding fabrics. These indoor/outdoor throws are the perfect gift for the adventurous soul. There’s nothing like snuggling up with the ultimate outdoor blanket by a cozy fire. If your giftee loves to entertain outside, a few handy throws for their outdoor furniture make for excellent gifts. Kid-proof it by selecting water-resistant and stain-fighting materials. In the winter, these throws can easily be washed and brought inside to hunker down for the colder months.

Give the Season

Match your gift with the seasons for a big impact. Gifts that match the season create a festive feel that everyone can rally behind. For spring, when picking out blankets and pillow cases, choose pastels and floral prints. In the summer, go for bright, bold colors and funky patterns. This gives an aura of warmth and celebration. Use the fiery colors of fall for an autumn gift. In the winter, go for whites, blues, or even a holiday theme.

Your materials should match as well. Select warm, soft wools in the winter, and light airy linens in the summer. This brings a functional element to your gift, ensuring that it will get used right away. Lighter blankets in the summer and fleece blankets in the winter are a no-brainer. Match both the color and style to the seasons in order to give the perfect gift.

Throw blankets make such excellent gifts because everyone loves them. They are a simple yet thoughtful present. Think about the personality of the person you’re giving the blanket to, and choose a style, color, and material to match. Use the seasons as a cue so you can ensure that your throw blanket gift will be well-loved throughout the season.


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