Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Take a look in your closet. Really take a look and see what you’ve accumulated over all these years. Remember that time you got locked in a rest stop bathroom and your best friend had to call the fire department to get you out? You were wearing those skinny jeans. You keep them around, you love them, you wear them on a regular basis even after all these years. They say something about you: how practical you are, that you’re a good decision maker, and sometimes they remind you about your unique fear of rest stop bathroom locks.

Here are a few more styles every woman needs in her wardrobe. These are the styles that will see her through, season after season. Missing a few? Good news – that means it’s time to shop.

The Classic Cardigan

Like a Labrador, a cotton cardigan will retrieve the goodness for all the care you put out in the world. It’s like having a best friend ready for your every move. I have a special place in my dresser to keep my cardigan and it still looks like I bought it the other day. I’m positive I landed my first full-time job because of that cardigan. It has impeccable writing skills and really knows how to format a resume. Joking, but it does supply a certain personality to a professional look. For that, it’s worth every penny. It’s one of those timeless styles I can toss on with jeans when I’m not 100% sure of the dress code. Casual? Dressy? It works either way. Throw a scarf on and it’s just dressy enough. Open the top few buttons to show off my t-shirt underneath and I’m perfectly casual. I have the basic colors covered: black, navy, camel. But don’t even think to come between me and my pink, red and purple cardigans. They’re just the mood boost some Mondays require.

The Classic Cotton Cabled Sweater

For me, it’s a Lands’ End Drifter™ sweater. And it always will be. I have the same Lands’ End Drifter sweater that has lasted me from the tail end of high school, through college, and has held up its long-standing promise to support me beyond my post-grad years. I may not recall those painful freshman year classes, but this sweater reminds me of all the good times in between. I’ve added several over the years, but the first remains my favorite. Lands’ End hasn’t changed the midweight cotton yarns yet, and I hope they never do. It gives my favorite cotton sweater the feel of a sweatshirt, but it’s so much more. Not bulky and heavy like a sweatshirt, more refined. I throw on my skinny jeans, roll the cuffs just a bit, slip into my tennis shoes and pop that bright Drifter over my tee. I can own any spring Saturday in that outfit. Fall, winter, even cool summer days, too, if I swap out the jeans for shorts. Perfection.

The Canvas Tote

While it acts more as an exclamation point to your outfit, the canvas tote is an irreplaceable tag-along for the trips, hikes, errands, and adventures you throw yourself into. I went on a cross-country road trip with a car full of “stuff.” What I thought I needed became extra things that I had to shuffle through. “Seriously, what was I thinking bringing this printer?” What I did need was the canvas tote, two flannel shirts, a pair of jeans, and some boots to get me out and about. Everything else was extra. A printer doesn’t get you to the beach. Having a canvas tote lightens the load and has been a lifesaver time and time again.

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