5 Things You Need for Your Next Cruise

5 Things You Need for Your Next Cruise

Cruises are a great way to explore multiple destinations and attractions while enjoying the same comforts every night. You get to breathe in the sea air, enjoy beautiful views, and soak up the sun. Whether you’re going solo or with friends and loved ones, there’s plenty of fun to be had on board and off. Maximize your relaxation by planning ahead for your trip. There are certain items that will make ship life easier and stress-free. Cruise into your next vacation with these 5 must-haves to take aboard.

An Excursion Bag

From guided tours to shopping to the beach, there are plenty of shore excursions to enjoy while on a cruise. Anytime you leave the ship, you’ll want a trusty bag to carry what you need for the day. Canvas totes and beach bags are both great choices for this. If you’re relaxing on the beach, you’ll need a towel, sunscreen, a water bottle, and maybe a book or two. A packable beach tote is roomy enough to hold all your items and comfy enough to carry. It also lies flat, thus making it easy to pack in your suitcase and store in your cabin. Go for a cotton canvas beach bag with reinforced handles for the most durability. If you’re heading to a museum, exploring the local area, or doing some shopping, a tote bag is ideal for carrying maps and souvenirs. Lightweight yet sturdy, a tote is also easy to fold up, pack, and store.

A Swimsuit Cover-Up

No doubt you’ll be spending plenty of time on your cruise relaxing by the pool or on the beach. It’s a good idea to pack a few swim coverups to go with your bathing suit or bikini. Cruise lines have different rules about what is appropriate when leaving the pool area. Shoes and coverups may be required, so be sure to check the dress code beforehand. Even if you're heading straight to the beach, a coverup is useful for the boardwalk, restaurants, and any other stops you may make before heading back to the ship. Swim coverups are functional, yes, but they can also be stylish. There are plenty of silhouettes to choose from in a range of different fabrics, colors, and designs. Go for a style with UV protection for extra coverage. There are also chlorine-resistant options available for long-lasting, fade-resistant wear.

An Extra Layer

Even in the middle of summer, it can get surprisingly chilly on a cruise. Some days will be breezy, and it’s cold on the water at night. Most cruise ships will also have the air conditioner on blast. Packing an extra layer is essential for staying warm. A high-quality wrap is a great option for cruising as it’s lightweight and versatile. Throw it on for dinner, the bar or evening walks. A wrap can also double as a blanket or coverup. If you’re flying to your departure location, it'll keep you snug on the plane.

Go luxurious with cashmere, or keep it casual and airy with cotton. A women’s cardigan sweater is another great choice to pack for an extra layer. Cardigans are warm and comfy and can easily be matched with tops and dresses. A button-up cardigan offers the most styling options since you can wear it open, closed, or with the sleeves rolled up. Any style will make an elegant addition to your cruise wardrobe.

A Formal Dress

Most of your vacation will be spent in your swimsuit and comfy clothes. However, you should still pack at least one formal outfit. Many cruises host formal evenings that require guests to dress up. While the dress code varies from time to time, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. This classic and elegant silhouette can be dressed up or down and looks flattering on all figures. Pair yours with heels, an evening bag, and a few pieces of jewelry for an easy, sophisticated outfit. A sheer wrap or lace shawl will look great with this outfit if you’re worried about staying warm. For a more casual look, swap out the heels for flats or sandals. If you prefer pants over dresses, consider a black jumpsuit instead. This versatile piece can be styled in a similar way to create a stylish formal or semi-formal look.

A Pair of Water Shoes

Water shoes may not be an obvious choice for a cruise, but you’ll be glad you packed them. These practical shoes are ideal for beach days and shore excursions since you can wear them both in the water and on land. They’ll protect your feet from sharp rocks, broken shells, and hot sand. You can also wear them for any water activities you enjoy on and off the ship. Lightweight, fast-drying, and comfortable, water shoes also make great deck shoes. Most cruises require footwear when you leave the pool. You can’t beat water shoes for a more secure alternative to flip flops and slides.

No matter where you’re sailing to, these 5 items are a must-have for your next cruise. Use this list for packing or shopping. Be sure to check out Lands’ End if you’re in the market for something new. From beach bags to water shoes, we have everything you need for your next vacation.


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