Go Personalized: The Many Uses of Beach and Bath Towels

Go Personalized: The Many Uses of Beach and Bath Towels

Your best beach towels are much more than just beach towels. It's also more than just a backup towel when all your bath towels are sitting in a laundry pile. Its name insists that it is one thing, but we have a few other uses and ideas for you to keep in mind.

Beach Quilt

Putting a bunch of custom beach towels together can make a makeshift quilt for the whole gang to get together on the lawn or the beach. It's easier to do this than to hop from one towel island to the next, carrying sand and rocks in your leaps and bounds. The kids are going to be running around on the beach anyway, so you might even call your beach quilt "Parent Land." Set up some umbrellas on your new stake of land and do as the Parent Landers do.

Backup Table Cloth

After the kids run back to Parent Land in their soaking swimsuits, all riled up and ready for lunch, you can set up a “beach towel table cloth.” That picnic table might look clean at first glance but you did just watch a rogue five-year-old running and climbing all over it and who knows what his swim shoes have been stepping in today. You're not bringing soup or beans to the beach so whatever gets on the towel is probably manageable. Right? Right?! Oh well, I've cleaned that up before.

But Moooooom, You Promised We'd Go to the Beach!

Oh boy. It's a rainy day and you promised you'd go to the beach today. Have no fear. Put on some surfer music, get everybody into their swimsuits, and lay in the sun (a floor lamp pointing down) on your beach towel in the living room. Don't forget to cross your fingers in hopes that this can work. Make it more convincing when you tie a personalized beach towel around your shoulders as "Super Mom" commits to the plans. The land of make-believe is a wonderful thing.

As a Dress to a Formal Dinner

Not really, but that would be a bold statement. Speaking of formal, did you know you can get your beach towels monogrammed? It's a great way to avoid a tug of war between the kids over which towel is the "best" or "lucky" one. Why was it lucky in the first place? Who knows.

Post-Gym Car Seat Cover

You just rocked it out in a spinning class and as you get back to your car you apologize to your seat before hopping on it with your sweaty active shorts or yoga pants and drenched active tee. Want to avoid the spray bottle freshen up? That beach towel is large enough to cover the whole seat. Plus when your beach towel is off-season it can take a part-time job as your seat companion.

Trunk Utility

Beach towels are great for lining the back of the trunk too since they cover so much more space than an ordinary towel. If you're moving boxes and you don't want to damage the trunk fabric, a beach towel is extra handy. Better than keeping a bulky furniture pad in the back too. As an added bonus you can cover your purse or pricey items when you're leaving the car for a couple of hours. It's one step before a passing thief says "oh I would just love to steal that."

The Après Beach Drying Machine

Did we mention they're great for drying you off from a day at the beach? Yes. Thirsty cotton loops work quick magic. Lands' End custom beach towels also pack a UPF 50 sun-protecting punch, too. So they make fast shade while you and the kids dry off between sunscreen applications.

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