The Best Travel Clothes for Business

The Best Travel Clothes for Business

When you’re traveling for business, you will want to wear (and pack) clothing that will be comfortable, appropriate for the occasion, and above all, flexible. Here are some ideas of how to get you to point A to point B smoothly.

Think Double Duty

You will want to dress for comfort and practicality en route, but if you can wear clothes for the journey that you can also wear again for meetings, a business lunch, or a team outing during your trip, all the better. It will save you both time and space in your suitcase.

A white or black women’s tee-shirt that is comfortable, but also a bit “dressy” (read: suitable for office wear underneath a cardigan or blazer) is a great choice for business travel clothes. Black is the safer of the two choices concerning stains, but either one is a versatile choice, and whether you wear it en route or stash it in your suitcase, always include a women’s white blouse or T-shirt.

Simple black pants that could double as business casual so you can wear them a second time on your trip or a pair of neat women’s jeans that could work in the same way both make great the best business travel clothes to wear on a plane or train.

When in doubt, always wear comfortable black flats that don’t lace up for getting to your destination—ballet flats are a nice choice. These are easy to walk in, easy to take on and off for airport security, will go with multiple outfits, and are easy to stash in a suitcase. Go for non-slip soles to give you a little more traction in case you end up navigating wet city streets at your destination.

If you enjoy wearing jewelry, your favorite “set” of wear-everywhere jewelry can complete your traveling outfit. Choose neutral-colored earrings, a pendant, and a watch, plus one or two classic rings. It’s just easier not to have to think about changing jewelry on a business trip. You’ll feel more put together, and it’s one less thing to think about.

Stay Warm

Carry a women’s cardigan sweater with you. It will help to keep you warm if you need an extra layer, you can use it as a “lap robe,” and in a pinch, you can even roll it up and use it as a pillow (it’s a good idea to turn it inside out first if you do this to help keep it nice for the rest of the trip).

Pack Defensively

Your luggage will probably get there just fine, but make sure that you will be comfortable whether it does or not. Pack an extra women’s top, a pair of socks that will work for business casual, and a change of lingerie in your carry-on. If necessary, that way you can wear the same pants and cardigan with your carry-on clothes and still be comfortable. You won’t want to get stuck washing out business travel clothes in the hotel sink and then try to dry them with an iron or hairdryer or going shopping in a new city after a long day of travel.

Of course, the same goes for non-clothing essentials like prescription meds, glasses, contact lenses, basic makeup, chargers for your laptop and phone, and all essential business papers. Why leave anything important to chance? Have it packed with you, and then you can relax while you travel.


Check the weather report for your destination and be prepared. You won’t want to overpack but be aware of possible rain or snow. Make sure that you have shoes or boots that can navigate a slippery street and at least a fold-up umbrella with you in your carry-on. Unless you’re visiting a decidedly dry climate, it’s probably best to leave the suede shoes or booties at home. A packable down coat can be a great option if you’re going from a warm climate to a cold one. These typically “pack” into a pocket of the garment, making them ideal for carrying with you without adding weight or bulk to your luggage. Having one in your carry-on can make arriving in a chilly climate a much more comfortable experience.

Whatever your destination, make business travel more comfortable with a little preparation. Business travel clothing and accessories that are cozy, appropriate, and flexible can make all of the difference on your trip.


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