The Best Bedding to Buy for Your College Student

The Best Bedding to Buy for Your College Student

We’ll let you in on a little secret right off the bat: there really is no singular “best” bedding. There is, however, the best bedding for each person’s individual preferences. What might be fantastic for one person might not be so great for someone else. It all comes down to personal taste.

So if you are shopping for bedding for your college student, it helps to know all the right things to look for. In this article, we will take a look at great bedding choices for college students and how to find the best bedding for them.

Minimalist and Single-Toned

Is your college student low-maintenance with no preference for any particular style or material? The best thing to get is something simple, minimalist, and single-toned. Instead of bothering with frills and big poofs and lots of designs, you might just need a simple set of neutral-colored sheets and a matching comforter. White, gray, beige, and navy blue are all great color choices for the minimalist. If you are sticking to something simple, you can find many affordable, high-quality options, meaning you might want to invest in two sets of sheets. This will cut back on the amount of cleaning your college student will have to do, easily swapping out one set of sheets while waiting for the other sheets to wash and dry.

Pick One: Quilt, Duvet, or Comforter

In general, there are three main choices when it comes to your college student’s top blanket for the bed. It’s all a matter of preference, so ask them if they prefer a quilt, a duvet cover, or a comforter. If your college student is attending university in a hot climate, a comforter may be too heavy a choice, and a quilt would be more desirable. Alternatively, if they are going to school in a northern area, a thick, full blanket like a comforter may be preferred. In some instances, particularly in cold weather areas, your college student may need both a quilt and a comforter! If not, you could always invest in a throw blanket or two that they can pull over the bed when needed. Finally, if your college student is not a big fan of sleeping with a top sheet, a duvet is a great choice because then there’s no need for a top sheet.

The Bedding that Matches the Bedroom Decor

Whether your college student is living in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, chances are there is going to be some decor in the bedroom. When you are shopping for new bedding for them, make sure to pick styles that go along with the existing decor or the decor theme they plan to create in their new bedroom. You want to avoid color clashing or print designs that stand out too much in the room. This will just make the entire look of the room a bit disorganized and chaotic. For example, if there is a lot of eye-catching decor and vividly colored walls in the bedroom, stick to bedding that is simple and neutral-colored. If the room is nothing but bare, white walls and a few small pieces of furniture, you can get more creative and vibrant with the bedding choices.

Think About Washing

Remember, we are thinking about what bedding is the best for your college student, not what the best bedding in the world is (spoiler, there is no best bedding in the world). An important thing to think about is care instruction and washing. A massive, super thick comforter, though lovely and luxurious, may not be the best choice for your college student if there is limited access to good-quality washers and dryers. Quilts are a great choice in this scenario because they are easy to maintain and wash, and should your college student get cold, you can easily layer additional throw blankets over or under them.

Pick Your Sheets

We have talked a bit about the top layer of bedding; now let's get into bed sheets, which are equally as important. There are many sheet materials to choose from, with the most common choices being cotton, flannel, polyester, and linen. However, if your college student is particular about sheets or wants to try something new, there are other choices, including satin and bamboo. Cotton is an excellent choice because it’s easy to clean and maintain, it’s breathable, and it tends to soften up over time. Cotton sheets are also durable, so you can get a lot of use out of them and not worry about them getting worn out in the dryer. Within the cotton category, there are even more choices to pick from, including Egyptian cotton, flannel sheets, and Pima cotton. If you go the polyester route, get a polyester blend instead of pure polyester. A polyester blend is less rough, wrinkle-resistant, and a very affordable choice.

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