A Teacher's Guide to Dressing for School

A Teacher’s Guide to Dressing for School

Getting ready for school is a lifelong challenge. As a child, your parents probably picked out your clothes the night before to avoid any last-minute decision making. As a teen, you may have struggled to find the best outfit to wear to class. And as a teacher, you now have to consider factors like comfort and professional style when determining the most appropriate clothes to wear.

So what’s a teacher to do? It begins with developing a carefully curated selection of clothes that you can mix and match without much effort. With all the time and patience that you put into your career, you deserve to spend as little time as possible worrying about what to wear. The right pieces, from knit dresses to cardigans to blouses, can make all the difference when you’re hurriedly getting ready for the day. And if you happen to be teaching from home, there are plenty of wonderful options for you to keep in mind, too.

Stick with Comfortable Dresses

Dresses are great for year-round classroom wear. On warmer days, you can easily slip into a breezy maxi dress and slip on a cardigan if the room happens to be a bit chilly. Knee-length styles are equally appropriate during the warmer months. You might also prefer to wear your dress with a pair of leggings if you favor some extra coverage. Don’t forget the knee-high boots on cool days that call for added layers.

Your comfort is crucial, however. Some professional-friendly dresses are made with crisp, stiff materials that might not feel the greatest as the day progresses. Jersey dresses fit the bill perfectly; they’re ultra-soft, yet never sacrifice a thing where style and poise are concerned. They’re not too casual, yet they aren’t overly dressy either. That middle ground is perfect for teachers who want to convey a sense of professionalism without losing sight of comfort.

Invest in Some Blouses

A blouse or two (or three!) makes a worthwhile addition to any teacher’s wardrobe. You have options galore when it comes to styles. You might want to add at least one neutral button-front to the mix that you can pair with items like flowing pants in shades like black and gray, or with pencil skirts in neutral tones. You can also slip your blouse beneath a structured blazer for a more polished look, or beneath a cardigan if you prefer to take a more understated approach.

If you teach from home, you can easily wear women’s blouses with anything you want — no one’s going to be the wiser if you decide to dress up on top and wear your most comfortable workout pants or leggings on the bottom. The beauty of the blouse is that it instantly elevates your look and helps you look and feel your most professional. A simple necklace adds a hint of glint without overwhelming your look.

Always Have a Cardigan

You’ll never regret investing in a cardigan or two for the school year. It’s best to have a couple on hand so that you can easily create fresh, new looks each time. A neutral color like black or gray is ideal for layering over a knit dress or a blouse when you need to warm up. They also look great with loose-fit pants, straight-leg pants, and leggings.

Women’s cardigans are available in a variety of styles, so whether you tend to dress more casually or take a dressier approach, you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. For example, a long flyaway-style cardigan is a more relaxed look that’s right at home with a pair of leggings or slim-fit pants. Wear a shorter, more traditional cardigan with a pencil skirt and a matching shell for a no-fuss, perfectly coordinated look from top to bottom.

Take the Comfy Route

If you’re teaching exclusively from home, you definitely don’t need to get ready from head to toe in what you would typically wear in the classroom. You’ll find many different types of attire that provide everything you need, including superior comfort, fabrics that hold up well through countless washes, and plenty of styles, too. The difference between these and your go-to weekend basics is that they’re inherently a bit more pulled together.

With such a wide range of women’s work from home clothes available, you need a little bit of everything! Choose from comfy tops that aren’t quite sweatshirts, but that definitely aren’t blouses either. Opt for soft fabrics and free-flowing cuts that never restrict your movement. These are the clothes you’ll feel just as comfortable wearing while you’re curled up on the couch as you would while teaching your students. And the best part is that they’ll never look anything but completely professional. Add a necklace or a pair of earrings to bring it all together and revel in the way you can make anything look flawless.

Whether you’re teaching in the classroom or from home, you need options where your wardrobe is concerned. These pieces offer the best of all worlds, providing you with both comfort and style to help you look and feel your most confident.


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