How to Tailor Your Flannel Shirt

How to Tailor Your Flannel Shirt

Look and feel confident in tailored flannel shirts. Flannel is a fall and winter classic that every woman needs in her wardrobe. There are flannel shirts with a feminine fit, so tailoring may not even be needed. However, if you’ve got flannels in your closet that are too boxy for your liking, they can easily be altered to suit your preferences.

Finding the Right Size

One way to avoid having to tailor your shirt is to make sure you purchase the correct size. Measure your bust and arm length, then compare it to the size chart to find your ideal size. If you prefer a fitted look, you could size down. Maybe oversized is your preference – in that case, consider going a size up. Oversized flannels are great for layering with other tops, both for fashion and warmth. Read on to learn more about tailoring a flannel shirt and ways to give your flannel a fresh look.

Tailoring a Women’s Flannel Shirt

The best way to tailor petite, regular or plus size flannel shirts is to have it professionally done. A professional tailor can take your measurements and alter your shirt to its most flattering dimensions. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you may be able to make minor alterations at home. For example, you could sew up a hole in your shirt or shorten the hem. If you’re trying to change the fit of flannel, you’ll probably want to leave that to the pros.

Pairing Flannels with Jeans

You don’t even have to break out a needle or sewing machine to give your flannel a new look. There are so many ways to wear a single shirt that you can create multiple outfits. The first thing to consider is what kind of bottoms to wear with your flannel. Jeans are always in style, and they go well with any type of women’s flannel top. There are so many different types of women’s jeans that it’s easy to find a figure-flattering pair that makes you feel confident.

You could pair your flannel shirt with a pair of straight leg jeans for a classic country look. Or, toss a flannel tunic over a pair of jeggings and finish off with calf-high boots for an outfit that’s right on-trend. The denim wash color can make a difference in the look of the outfit. Dark washes create a slender effect and make vibrant shirt colors stand out. Jeans with a light wash have a casual look that’s great for everything from a busy day spent running errands to a well-deserved date night.

Wearing a Belt with Your Flannel

You can create a tailored look when wearing a flannel shirt simply by adding a belt. Start with a pair of black leggings, then top it with a long flannel tunic. Add a skinny black belt at the waist and finish the look with black boots. Or, change it up by wearing a wide brown belt and pair of brown ankle booties. If you prefer a traditional look, you can tuck your flannel into your jeans and wear the belt in your jean belt loops. There are no rules when it comes to fashion, so play around and find the look you like best.

Layering Flannel Shirts

Another way to look polished when wearing flannel is by layering your long-sleeve shirt over a lighter top. For example, a flannel could be worn over a white or black tank top for a look that’s somewhere in between city and country. Women’s cotton turtlenecks are great to wear under a flannel shirt, especially if you need an extra layer of warmth on cold days. You could even wear your flannel under a roomy sweater. Let the collar and hem peek out from beneath for a preppy style that pairs well with everything from khakis to corduroys.

Accessories to Wear with Flannel

Attention to detail is one aspect that defines the tailored look. Impart “it-girl” flair to your flannel by adding accessories such as jewelry and hair accessories. A statement necklace can be layered beneath a partially buttoned flannel for a look that’s simple yet stylish. If you love the look of bold earrings, consider a pair of oversized hoops.

Create a laid-back look by wearing a women’s cardigan sweater over a flannel and paired with your favorite jeans or slacks. Sleek accessories like a pair of stud earrings or a monogram necklace can be added for a touch of glam that’s not over the top. Tie the look together with the addition of a headband in a color that matches the primary hue in your flannel.

More Tips for Tailored Style

If you love the tailored look, consider having a suit customized to fit you. A flannel can be worn as part of a suit ensemble to add a casual touch. Having your women’s jeans altered is another way to add a customized look to your wardrobe. For example, if you find that your jeans are too long, they can be shortened to capris for a spring-and summer-ready look that pairs great with heels, a tank top and your favorite flannel shirt.


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