Choosing a Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Choosing a Swimsuit For Your Body Type

The temperature is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which means swimsuit season is upon us! There’s nothing better than finding that perfect swim suit that flatters your figure and helps you feel fantastic. So what is the best way to make sure you’re getting the right swimsuit for your body type? Take a look at our tips for identifying your body type and choosing the best swimsuit to flatter your shape and help you feel amazing.

Pear Shape

One of the most common body shapes out there is the pear shape. This is characterized by having hips that are wider than one’s shoulders. You’ll also find that women with pear-shaped bodies have very defined waists as well as narrow shoulders. 

If you have a pear-shaped body, there are plenty of swimsuit styles that you can wear to flatter your natural curves. Strapless swimsuits are a great way to go, or you might consider finding a cute bikini top with a flattering neckline. High-waisted bikini bottoms are also a great option for someone with a pear shaped body, as they have a way of elongating the leg.

Apple Shape

The apple shape is another common body shape among women. An apple shape is identified by having wide shoulders, a full mid-section, narrow hips. Someone with an apple-shaped body may also have slimmer arms and legs. When it comes to finding a good swimsuit for someone with this body type, we recommend looking for a women’s swim top with a lower neckline. This will add some balance to your poolside ensemble. You might also consider looking for a one-piece swimsuit with a V-neck neckline! It’s easy to find something that will fit your shape well.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass figure is perhaps one of the most classically defined body shapes out there. You know you have an hourglass body shape if your hips and bust are nearly equal in size. Women with an hourglass shape typically have a waist that is smaller than their hips and bust. They also have proportional length in their arms and legs.

A one-piece swimsuit is a smart option for women with an hourglass shape. It’s a great piece to accentuate your natural curves! You might also consider looking into women’s bikini tops. Look for ones that feature a triangle cut, or perhaps something with a deeper neckline. High-waisted bikini bottoms also work very well for an hourglass figure, so keep this in mind as you browse through your options.

Rectangle Shape

A rectangle body shape is fairly easy to identify. A woman with this body type has straight hips and a straight body line, with shoulders and hips that have about the same width. A woman with a rectangle body shape will have very little definition in her hips and bottom as well.

So what are the best swimsuit styles to consider for someone with a rectangular-shaped body? We recommend looking for something with a high neckline or perhaps a halter top. Keep an eye out for an underwire swim top to best flatter your shape. You might also consider looking for a modest one-piece swimsuit with this high neckline style as well!

Diamond Shape

When it comes to diamond-shaped body types, women with this body shape are typically defined as having hips that are broader than their shoulders. They also commonly have a full bust and waistline. Someone with a diamond body shape will also usually have slimmer arms.

When looking for a swimsuit to flatter a diamond body shape, we recommend looking into tankini swimwear. Tankinis are known for being very comfortable and extremely flattering. Keep an eye out for something with a higher neckline. You might consider pairing your tankini top with a pair of women’s swim shorts to flatter your legs! There are plenty of options when it comes to the best swimsuit styles for those with a diamond shape.

Everyone loves finding that perfect swimsuit that helps them feel great and flatters their body type. Taking the time to research and identify your body shape can significantly simplify the process of finding the perfect bathing suit for you. So as you get ready for your day at the beach, be sure to consider our tips on how to find the best swimsuit to flatter your body type. This will give you the confidence you deserve when wearing a swimming suit at the pool.


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