Difference Between Rash Guard and Swim Shirt

What is the Difference Between a Rash Guard and a Swim Shirt?

Rash guards and swim shirts – for many, these pieces of swimwear are a total-must for any kind of water activity. With the weather warming up and summertime quickly approaching, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to make the most out of your fun days in the water. So what’s the difference between a rash guard and a swim shirt, and what makes them so great for swimming?

Rash Guards

Let’s start with rash guards. Rash guards are a kind of athletic shirt that were made popular by surfers. With the incredible amount of protection they provide, both from the sun’s rays and from any potential chafing that could come from lying down on the surfboard, rash guards quickly became a must-have for anyone looking to catch some waves.

Rash guards are also known for being very comfortable. They’re made with nylon and spandex, providing the right amount of stretch while also maintaining a good fit. Whether you’re going for a women’s short sleeve rash guard or you’re wanting something with long sleeves, you can have confidence that it will not only keep you protected, but it will also provide a flattering fit.

Swim Shirts

Swim shirts, on the other hand, are a little different from rash guards. As the name suggests, this is a shirt that you wear while swimming. Swim shirts are also made with nylon, spandex and sometimes polyester. This makes it a much better option than a regular t-shirt, since the material makes this article of clothing ideal for wearing while immersed in water.

Swim shirts typically have a slightly looser fit, so if you’re looking for something that isn’t too tight on your body but still provides coverage, a women’s or men’s swim shirt is a great option for you.

What Makes Them Different

When it comes to what the difference is between a rash guard and a swim shirt, the main thing you’re going to be looking at is the fit. As mentioned above, rash guards are more form fitting. Whether it’s for an adult or if it’s a boy’s rash guard, you can anticipate a rash guard having a tighter fit. This also applies to how the sleeves fit on your rash guard – a long sleeve rash guard is going to maintain the same fit throughout the sleeve as a short sleeve or ¾ sleeve rash guard. The only difference is the length of the sleeve.

Swim shirts, on the other hand, have a slightly looser fit. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference! When looking for swimwear for the family, you may find that your little boy prefers a rash guard, while mom may keep an eye out for swim shirts and sun protective swimwear for women that have a slightly looser fit.

Why Do You Need One?

Whether you’re going for a rash guard or a swim shirt, the purpose they serve is essentially the same. They work wonders in keeping you protected from UV rays, decreasing the possibility of getting a sunburn. Many people prefer to get a toddler rash guard for their little ones, as their skin is still quite sensitive to the sun. Additionally, with all of that outdoor fun in the water, there’s sure to be a few trips and falls, and a rash guard or swim shirt is a great way to add a little extra protection.

Moreover, if your water activities involve any kind of board, whether it’s a surfboard, boogie board or even bodyboard, it’s a good idea to wear a rash guard or swim shirt. This will prevent any kind of chafing or rashes that could come from participating in these sports. 

What to Look for in Swimwear

The ultimate goal with any kind of clothing is to feel comfortable and confident, and this is especially true with swimwear. Make sure you’re looking for items that fit well and provide the kind of coverage and protection you want. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect tankini or you’re looking for a good pair of men’s swim trunks, comfort and confidence are always key. Keep in mind that a rash guard or swim shirt can be worn with or over just about any swimsuit, making it a consistent option that will always serve you well.

So as you assess your collection of swimwear, be sure to consider how a rash guard or swim shirt could be incorporated into your wardrobe. When it comes to items that provide the most protection and comfort, rash guards and swim shirts are high on our list of swim apparel. Check out our collection of swimwear today and get geared up for some fun in the sun!


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