Stay Cozy All Winter Long in These Cashmere Sweaters

Stay Cozy All Winter Long in These Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere is by far one of the most luxurious and warmest sweater options to wear all winter long. It's one of the finest materials made from the wool of cashmere or pashmina goats. The fibers themselves are soft to the touch and warm against the skin. However, this material has a unique quality in that it adapts to temperature–it can be cool in moderate, brisk temperatures but also add substantial warmth in colder, freezing climates.

Available in all shapes, sizes, and styles, cashmere sweaters make a statement immediately with their luxurious texture and soft, warm layer. Choose from turtlenecks, short sleeves, cardigans, or crewnecks for any occasion or look. Whether you choose to layer these warm and snug fabrics or wear them alone for a more fitted appearance, one thing's for certain–you'll love the rich warmth and comfort these winter wardrobe staples supply.

Here are our choices for the best cashmere sweaters.

1. Cashmere Turtlenecks

For all around warmth that starts around your neck and hugs your arms with long sleeves, you'll love cashmere turtlenecks. These ultra-warm sweaters have a fitted, snug design, more so than chunky or cable-knit sweaters. The high neckline of these sweaters is classic and conservative, while the body-skimming cut and design are understatedly sexy. These sweaters come in all different colors from pastel pinks to autumn rich solid colors and patterns like stripes or houndstooth. Better yet, cashmere turtlenecks can be paired with anything from jeans to fitted slacks, and they always look clean, tailored, and put together–effortlessly classic.

2. Short-Sleeve Cashmere Sweaters

Short-sleeve cashmere sweaters are the answer for moderately cold temperatures. Designed with the same soft cashmere of full, long-sleeve sweaters, short-sleeve cashmere sweaters often have a cut like a slim-line or fitted T-shirt and range in necklines. Unlike a traditional T-shirt though, short-sleeve cashmere sweaters are much more tailored, and the natural quality of the fabric clings to the body for a more sleek and elegant look. Pair short-sleeve cashmere sweaters with everything from white skinny jeans to more formal slacks. One aspect that we love about short-sleeve cashmere sweaters is that they make a statement instantly because they are recognized as being a quality, luxury staple piece of clothing.

3. Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

Cashmere V-neck sweaters are elegant, classy, and ultra-feminine. With a similar fit as a typical sweater made from flannel or cotton, cashmere V-neck sweaters are luxurious and extra soft, and their rich fiber makes them exclusive and highly recognized. Not to mention, cashmere is wonderfully warm and a much-loved clothing item over the winter season and holidays. The V-neck version of this sweater is sexy, with a subtle V in the chest area showing some skin and cleavage, as desired. V-neck sweaters are perfect for all occasions and their shape allows you to show off necklaces and jewelry more freely. Because these V-neck sweaters do show more skin and expose the neck and chest, we do recommend pairing them with scarves or additional layers so you remain covered and warm when braving the cold outdoors.

4. Cashmere Cardigans

Cashmere cardigans are great for work as they are sophisticated and classic. The soft and warm fabric is luxurious but also adds an extra layer that can withstand office air conditioning and brisk commutes. The fabric is not as bulky or thick as traditional sweaters that are made with cable knit or thick wool, so they can easily be layered under coats and additional, more covering sweaters. Cashmere cardigans always look polished and clean when paired with coordinated layers, although you can dress these up or down as much as you please, making them a highly adaptable clothing item that can easily transition from indoors to outdoors with the fastening of a button or the addition of a layer

5. Cashmere Crewnecks

The ship hasn't sailed just yet on cashmere crewnecks. If you're looking for a preppy and polished look that's also in cashmere, you're in luck. The soft material gently hugs the neckline in an oval shape that crosses the collarbones, creating a sailor-like illusion. This nautical style has a youthful, conservative look that always appears clean and put together. We advise wearing cashmere crewnecks in a navy and white striped pattern or a solid navy blue color. Pair the crewneck with white skinny jeans or slacks for the ultimate preppy look. Finish it off with ballet flats to add an extra dose of femininity.

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