How to Stay Cool in a Maxi Dress During the Summer

How to Stay Cool in a Maxi Dress During the Summer

When warmer weather rolls around, you may be tempted to pull out those women’s shorts, skirts, tank tops, and short-sleeved T-shirts. However, a chic maxi dress can make those hot days much more fashionable. Besides, with a maxi dress, there’s more of a chance of the fabric not sticking to your skin and causing you to sweat even more as opposed to other summertime apparel. Plus, dresses just make the day feel more fantastic, whether you are heading to a festival, picnic, brunch, or just lounging outdoors on your patio.

To avoid looking like a sweaty mess and to stay cool, there are some features to look out for when shopping for summer maxi dresses for women. For example, some fabric types offer way more comfort than others during the summer (think linen and cotton). Also, certain shades may reflect light better than others. Read below for tips to stay cool in a maxi dress during the summer. Once you figure out which maxi dresses to seek out, you will be ready to own the summer in style!

Look for Features That Allow the Utmost Comfort

You do not have to be sweaty when wearing a chic maxi dress in the summer. Look out for features that allow you to be comfortable. For example, consider sticking to sleeveless, off-the-shoulder, and short-sleeved dresses that will allow your skin to breathe. Speaking of letting your skin breathe, features such as high slits, cutouts, and a low-cut back will help you stay cool under the sun.

Other not-so-obvious features may also allow you to remain as comfortable and cool as possible. For example, eyelet designs may allow for more airflow. Button-up dresses will allow you to adjust your frock to allow for more skin to breathe. Alternatively, there are some features you should try to avoid that may affect how cool and comfortable you feel. For example, heavy beading and embellishments may weigh down your dress, causing more discomfort under the sun. Experiment with various features to discover what—and what not—to wear during hot days.

Wear Fabric That Keeps You Cool

Natural fabrics will keep you cool during the warm seasons. Cotton, for example, ensures airflow and absorbs moisture, which allows you to cool down. So, cotton sundresses are a must for an enjoyable day spent outdoors. Linen also absorbs moisture, dries quickly, and allows heat to escape. Silk, a lightweight fabric, adjusts to your body’s temperature. Chambray also absorbs sweat and is breathable. These fabrics are also hypoallergenic, meaning they are great for sensitive skin. Also, watch out for flimsy fabric that may stick to your body—make sure your fabric of choice has structure (think embroidery and seams) that will offer a flowy fit.

Wear Lighter Shades

Dark colors are more likely to absorb light and make you hotter. Keep that in mind when choosing maxi dresses to wear. White reflects light better than most colors and will keep you cool. Light pastel colors, yellows, neutrals, and oranges are also ideal for the summer. Of course, if you love darker shades, feel free to wear whatever fits your style and personality. But there’s nothing like pastel or white vacation dresses on a day spent at a resort!

Match With Accessories for Additional Protection From the Sun

Match your summer maxi dresses with accessories that will provide additional protection from the sun. You have plenty to choose from to reflect your style and personality, including a sun visor, straw hat, bucket hat, fedora, and more! If you are not a hat person, you can even wear a headband, which can also keep you cool. Choose a print or pattern to lend color to your overall ensemble.

Pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses to go with your summer-ready outfit. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while keeping you looking “cool.” Wear a lighter-weight, stylish handbag—opposed to a heavier bag—such as a crossbody. Lighter handbags will not stick to your back or side, which can make you sweat. Finally, consider wearing a cotton scarf on your hair to keep it off your neck.

Let Your Feet Breathe

Complete your head-to-toe look by wearing shoes that will allow your feet to breathe. Trade your sneakers and socks for sandals, flip-flops, or slides. You have plenty of styles to choose from, from gladiator sandals to styles with heels. No matter what you choose, go for shoes with cushioning for all-day comfort.

When summer arrives, keep looking fabulous by wearing summer dresses. Ensure they have features to keep you cool, whether you are kicking back at the resort or hitting the city streets. Also, wear patterns and prints that will let you feel even more stylish. Nautical stripes, florals, polka dots, paisley, and plaid are all popular choices.

Finish off with accessories that will add to the outfit while offering additional protection from the sun. Finally, make sure to wear sun protection, especially if you will be spending plenty of time under the sun. Follow these tips, and you will remain stylish and comfortable all summer long.


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