3 Best Lightweight Women’s Sweaters for Springtime

Taking the time to make sure your wardrobe is well stocked with all of the essentials for every season is an absolute must. This assessment can do wonders to help you get a better idea of what articles of clothing you have as well as what ones you need to get. When it comes to springtime wardrobe essentials, you will want to make sure you have the right kinds of sweaters that give the right amount of comfort and warmth. Take a look at our top three favorite lightweight women’s sweater styles that will work perfectly for you in the spring!

1. Cardigan Sweaters

Women’s cardigan sweaters are easily at the top of our list of springtime must-haves! What makes cardigans so perfect for spring is that they make layering a total breeze. If you put on a lightweight blouse at the beginning of the day, only to find that it was chillier outside than you expected, cardigans make it easy to add the warmth and coverage that you need to stay comfortable. No need to change your entire outfit as cardigans provide a functional and stylish solution for those colder spring days. 

2. Crewnecks

Crewnecks women’s sweaters are perhaps one of the most classic sweater styles out there. A crewneck is any sweater that features a rounded neckline. They’re comfortable and flattering, and easy to pair with other items in your closet. Easily throw on a crewneck sweater with your favorite pair of women’s jeans, or layer it over a button-up shirt for one of those rainy springtime days. However you decide to style it, you’ll find yourself turning to a reliable crewneck sweater over and over again in the spring.

3. Tunic Sweaters

Women’s tunic sweaters offer a little more length than your classic sweater, making them a great option for the springtime. If ease and comfort are what you’re looking for, then look no further than a tunic. They’re designed to help you feel comfortable, eliminating the need to constantly inspect your clothing to make sure it’s all laying right. Easily wear them with your favorite pair of leggings for a morning of running errands or an afternoon in the house.

Other Points to Consider

These sweater styles will work easily for you during the springtime, providing the perfect amount of both style and comfort. But there are a handful of other points you should consider when looking for the right spring sweaters to include in your wardrobe.


The material used for your sweaters can make a world of difference. While thick wool sweaters are perfect for the cold days of winter, they can prove to be too heavy for spring. Focus on fabrics that are known for being lightweight and breathable. Cotton is a great option. Cashmere also works well during the springtime. Women’s cashmere cardigans and sweaters are made of light wool that comes from cashmere goats. The material provides warmth while still maintaining its lightweight qualities.

Sleeve Length

For many of us, when we think about sweaters, we think about warm tops with long sleeves. However, not all sweaters feature a wrist-length sleeve. Consider looking into some women’s sweaters that have three-quarter length sleeves or even shorter sleeves. These will work wonderfully for some of the warmer days of spring. They are also easy to throw on over one of your favorite women’s blouses.


The neckline also makes a big difference when it comes to finding the perfect springtime sweaters. Turtleneck and even mock neck sweaters can be too thick and bulky for the warmer days of spring. Look for something with a more open neckline, such as a V-neck or crew neck, like we mentioned before. Having lightweight sweaters that also have the right neckline is a surefire way to make sure you’re ready for springtime weather.

So as spring comes closer, be sure to take the time to consider your wardrobe and think about what items need to be refreshed or added to help you look and feel your best. Having the right kinds of sweaters will make it easy to put together ensembles that keep you comfortable and cute.


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