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Should I get my family rash guards? Short answer: yes.

Thinking about getting family rash guards for the kids, your spouse, or even one for yourself? Smart thinking. Everyone can use help protecting their skin from the sun's harmful rays. Lands' End swim tees and rash guards offer the highest UPF rating – UPF 50. But in addition to keeping you and your family sun smart until the sun sets at the beach, they're cool, colorful and super comfy to wear. These handy tops look awesome with any of our bathing suits, and can be worn for many activities besides swimming. Learn more about what makes them great, and why you'll never want to be without one!

Rash Guard vs. compression shirt – what's the difference?

Compression garments support muscles and increase blood flow, which may improve athletic performance. Rash guards typically have a more relaxed fit and are made to protect the skin from the sun, sand or even a surfboard. As they're not super tight, most people will find rash guards more comfortable for everyday wear.

How do you wash a rash guard?

You can wash your rash guard just like your other swimsuits. Fill a sink with cool water, add a little baby shampoo or gentle detergent, and clean it by hand; you can add some vinegar to remove odors if needed. Afterward, gently squeeze out excess water (but don't wring or twist) and lay your rash guard flat to dry.

How should a rash guard fit?

Look for a rash guard that has a body-hugging fit, as loose material can slow you down in the water. Your rash guard shouldn't feel like it's squeezing you, though – a little breathing room is fine. If you're not planning to wear it swimming, it can also be a bit larger.

Should I choose a short-sleeve or long-sleeve rash guard?

If you're really concerned about sun safety, wear a long-sleeve rash guard with one of our bikinis or slimming swimwear. The UPF 50 material protects you from 98% of UV rays, unlike a typical shirt. If you'd prefer a short-sleeve rash guard though, be sure to wear sunblock on uncovered skin.

Swim shirt vs. rash guard – what's the difference?

Swim shirts and rash guards can be very similar, or very different. Some rash guards are constructed from super-strong materials that help athletes avoid skin injuries, while others are made from simpler fabric that provides extra warmth and prevents sunburns – much like a basic swim shirt. Consider your lifestyle and hobbies when deciding what to buy.

What do you wear with a rash guard?

Our women's rash guards are meant to be worn over a two or one-piece suit, as they don't have sewn-in bras, like our tankini tops. Guys can just wear their rash guard with a pair of swim briefs or board shorts. Children's styles can be worn the same way, though you daughter can put hers on over a regular suit if she likes.

Can I wear a rash guard out of the water?

You can wear your rash guard anywhere you go. Since they're made from soft material that prevents sunburns, they're also ideal for hiking and yard work. The smooth seams won't irritate your skin, either.


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