Real reasons why you should monogram everything

You may not know it, but there are benefits to monogramming beyond the simple aesthetic pleasure of seeing your name in a fancy script on all of the things. Personalization actually has practical applications that can improve your daily life.

And we’re not just saying that because we offer personalization on most items here at Lands’ End from just $8. Really.

Here are a few real reasons we recommend opting to "make it personal."

You have roommates.

If you have even a modicum of experience sharing a space with non-family adult humans, this goes without saying. The only surefire way to keep Dan from using your bath towels is to turn them into monogrammed bath towels. We recommend your name in the boldest font offered. If you want to target someone specifically, a good “Not Dan’s” works even better. Make sure you get your hand towels monogrammed, too — especially if you have any aspiring mechanics in the house.

Of course, there’s no reason to stop with the bathroom. Monogrammed blankets, bed sheets and pillowcases are a good way to prevent your bed linens from turning up with someone else’s drool on them.

"Not Dan’s" also works well for preventing the "borrowing" of your men’s flannel shirts. (Although more devious Dans might find this funny to wear for a night out, so proceed at your own risk.)

You like to stay organized.

Getting your canvas storage or totes monogrammed is a fool-proof way to keep things tidy. Place a couple large canvas bins in your closet labeled “sheets” and “towels” or "clean" and "dirty," and you’ll always know where everything goes. (Just make sure to place the “dirty” bin out of sight — or at least close to “clean” — to avoid raised eyebrows.)

You’re buying a gift.

Getting a needlepoint Christmas stocking for the holidays is great. Getting a personalized needlepoint Christmas stocking with your name on it? That’s next-level. Same goes for women’s or men’s sweaters, slippers, hats or gloves. A small personal touch makes a world of difference. It makes gifts feel thoughtful. And it requires minimal extra effort on your part. Win-win.

You’re going on vacation – or sending the kids to camp.

Embroidering things you don’t want to lose is a bit more refined than the old permanent-marker-on-the-tag method — and it’s more noticeable, too. A monogrammed beach towel is much more likely to make it back from your kid’s summer camp (or your next cruise).

To sum up

The next time you’re about to place an order on, ask yourself one question: Is it better with monogram?

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