Rash Guard

Rash guard Q&A: all you need to know to have fun in the sun.

Rash guards go the extra mile. They protect your skin from the sun, salt and sand, and can even be used out of the water. Add one to your summer wardrobe, and you’ll be ready to make a splash when the warm weather arrives.

Can you wear a rash guard in the pool?

Unlike cotton T-shirts, rash guards are fine for swimming pools. An old tee can harbor bacteria, requiring the use of more chemicals to keep the pool safe and hygienic. Cotton also breaks down in chlorinated water, and loose fibers that wash away can clog a filtration system.

Can you swim in a rash guard?

A rash guard won’t get in your way during a swim. The tight, slim fit of a rash guard means it won’t move around, bunch up or drag you down when you’re moving through the water. They also provide extra warmth when you’re taking a dip in the chilly ocean.

Can you hike in a rash guard?

Rash guards aren’t just for swimming – they’re perfect for hiking, too. The lightweight, stretchy material offers UPF 50 protection and won’t chafe. Our rash guards also wick away moisture, so you won’t get super sweaty when climbing uphill.

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