Bring Back Retro with These Plus-Size Bathing Suit Trends

Bring Back Retro with These Plus-Size Bathing Suit Trends

Over the years, swimwear has come a long way, but every year the sun inspires us to bask its rays and bathe in the water. Long gone are the days of needing to feel fab in a bathing suit that blends in with the crowd. While retro styles are back on trend, you're sure to find one to help you stand out in the sunshine. Bring it back with this year’s retro plus size swimwear for an updated classic look that'll have you smiling all summer long.

Cute Cover Ups

Cute accents on swimwear take a bathing suit from good to great. Adding a splash of contrasting color with a chic plus size cover-up gives you the opportunity to feel glamorous throughout your day. Use a cover-up scarf for your shoulders, as a skirt, or even wrap your hair up and feel like an old Hollywood star in the sand.

Prints and Patterns Galore

Vintage patterns bring a retro look to your everyday swimwear. Sport a two-piece suit with bold vertical striping and a high waist for a classic vintage vibe. Or go with polka dots on a ruched one piece for a fun and flirty look suitable for Cococabana. Prints and patterns let you express your personal vintage style with a modern twist. Select silhouettes that flatter your best assets and leave you feeling sexy and confident.

The Peak-a-Boo Tankini

You don’t have to bare all to rock a bikini look. The peak-a-boo modest tankinis sport a little skin and a lot of attitude. Look for a sheer tankini (that covers what’s important of course) for a suggestive, flirty feel. Or you can grab a tankini that gives just a touch of skin or has an open back, allowing you to breathe and have full mobility without feeling exposed. Modest tankinis give a beloved ‘90s vibes with that on-trend twist.

Halter Up

The halter top never goes out of style. Wear an underwire swimsuit with halter straps for added support and confidence. You can opt for a tankini with shorts combined with a halter top for an overall balanced swimsuit that keeps you covered and cool. Choose between a plunging neckline or a high-necked halter to show off whatever you love best about yourself. Pair up a halter neckline with a cute bow in your hair for even more vintage flair.

Off the Shoulder

Asymmetry inspires retro design. Who says your bathing suit has to be symmetrical too? We love a single shoulder strap top, giving an asymmetrical look to an otherwise basic swimsuit. Look for flirty cut-outs in a one-piece swimsuit or opt for an off-the-shoulder look. The overall feel creates intrigue and offers a unique, modern twist on a retro style, creating the perfect look for the sophisticated woman.

Crop Top

Crop tops have been around since forever, and now you can get cropped with your swimwear as well. Opt for a short-sleeved crop top bikini with high waisted bottoms for the ultimate in vintage. Pair that up with classic retro patterns and you’ll be turning every head at the swimming hole.

Swim Skirts and Dresses Galore

Take it all the way back to the original swimwear with an on-trend plus size swimdress. These classic lines take it back to the roaring ‘20s with cute one-piece swimwear that keeps you covered and has plenty of styles. Dark blue hues and whites create the most classic look but don’t be afraid to give your swim dress a more modern take with bold colors and patterns that make a splash.

Hike the Waistline

High waisted swimwear is back and it’s here to stay. You can easily mix and match virtually any swimwear top with a high wasted bottom for multiple styles and looks to suit your mood. The versatility of a high waist makes it one of our favorite swimwear silhouettes. As a shout out to the ‘70s and ‘80s, it’s a retro trend we hope never goes out of style.

Swimwear is changing. Today’s swimsuits are all about celebrating your own unique look. We love the retro throwbacks for their nod to vintage culture and their ability to work with different body types. Plus-sized swimwear trends this season rock with their differing silhouettes, color patterns, and accents. The result is a unique look that suits your personality. So shine this swim season with amazing retro trends that give you confidence.


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