Why Plus-Size Swimwear Is Your Summer Game-Changer

Why Plus-Size Swimwear is Your Summer Game-Changer

Summer is prime time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy some quality time outside. If you’re planning to sit by the pool or take a dip in the water, you need a comfortable plus-size bathing suit to see you through the season in comfort and style. The right suit can transform your summer in every way, helping you feel cool, confident, and ready to swim laps, impress with your diving skills, or simply relax and indulge in some much-needed "you" time.

The right suit makes all the difference. Modern suits feature key details that prioritize fit and form, so you can trust that you’ll feel as great as you look while you’re at the pool or the beach. Proper support sets the greatest suits apart from the merely good ones, while supple fabrics that hold their shape will help you avoid unexpected catastrophes no matter how much you wear your suit during the season. Plus, they’re available in countless colors and patterns, so you can snap up more than one if you’re so inclined. Here’s why the best plus-size suits are such game-changers.

There Are Countless Options

Once upon a time, you could really only choose from standard one-piece swimsuits and bikinis. Variety was sparse, making it difficult to find the type of suit that looked as great on you as it did on the rack. Now, though, things are completely different. You’ll find styles that range from the traditional to the contemporary.

What’s your flavor? Take your pick. A tankini offers some additional coverage beyond what you get from a bikini yet still keeps you ultra-cool and comfortable in the blazing summer heat. If you prefer a style that protects your modesty without sacrificing your ability to withstand the heat, a swim skirt, and a swim dress are great choices. Not only do they meet your needs where coverage is concerned, but they are also cut to flatter. The flowing silhouettes gracefully negotiate your natural curves, while strategic cuts allow you to show off your favorite assets. There are even swim shorts and swim capris, rounding out the collection of flattering pieces to help you get the look you desire.

They Help Achieve Results

Clothes these days are largely benefit-driven, which means they offer you solutions for areas of concern. Swimwear, for example, might help shape your body to create a streamlined look or smooth your stomach for greater control. Shaping swimwear is an entire category all its own, devoted strictly to bathing suits that cater to those specific body needs.

It’s all in the details. Strategic overlays camouflage the thighs, for example, yet still keep you cool. Additions to the stretchy fabric, like Slendertex®, lend the suits their shape and contribute to a smoother finish. Lower-cut legs provide greater coverage. Strategic shirring supports the body while lending a wonderfully flattering shape to the suit. With so many elements at play, these suits do more than simply look good they’re endlessly flattering, making them instant game-changers for your summer adventures.

They Offer More Support

Support is key in any environment but is especially important when you’re shopping for swimwear. Plus-size bathing suits with underwire offer support like nothing else—and they’re available in a variety of styles to suit different needs. Some may prefer the strength and security of a complete underwire bra built into the suit, for example. Reinforced stitching locks it in, ensuring that you never feel any pinching.

Some feature built-in soft cups. These are remarkably lightweight, so they’ll never interfere with your comfort while you’re playing beach volleyball or splashing around in the hotel pool with the kids. They simply smooth the bust, lending you a refined appearance. Or opt for an underwire suit with removable soft cups instead. They provide gentle lift and enduring support, but you can remove the lightweight cups as desired.

The Styles are Endless

Fashion, fashion, and more fashion—that’s what you want, whether you’re shopping for a chic beach cover-up or a plus-size tankini . You’ll have a blast finding the suit style you love. Since you can trust that these suits provide the support and coverage you need, you can focus more intently on the fun of picking colors and prints you love.

Whether you prefer understated neutrals or eye-catching bright colors, you’ll find something in the mix. You can even mix and match to create one-of-a-kind suits that allow you to express your unique sense of style perfectly. Try a patterned bikini top or tankini top with a solid skirt or pair of shorts. Or create contrast with a solid cover-up worn over a printed bathing suit. Your options for styling are virtually endless.

Plus-size swimwear is both stylish and practical. The right style provides support, offers a flattering fit, and completes your warm-weather wardrobe perfectly.


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