Plus-Size Fashion Essentials for 2023

Plus-Size Fashion Essentials for 2023

You’ve got big plans for your wardrobe in 2023, and they don’t revolve around wearing the same few casual pieces you might have rocked faithfully throughout 2020. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that in the least — there’s something so freeing about wearing comfy clothing that feels as great as it looks. And, really, shouldn’t your clothing always be comfortable?

In that spirit, we’re ready to introduce you to the coolest and most comfortable plus-size fashion essentials of the year. What makes something “essential”? While part of it is purely personal—you might absolutely need a pair of shorts while another may prefer to wear a skirt—there are definitely some wardrobe basics that contribute to a well-rounded collection of clothes you can wear year-round. Here are some options to keep in mind this year.

White Shirts

The white shirt is among the most timeless pieces you can add to your wardrobe. It’s ubiquitous, effortless, and perfect to wear day or night, at work or play, in any season. The key is to collect a few different styles to ensure there’s always something perfect for the occasion on hand. A women’s white blouse with a crisp finish is the perfect choice for the workday, but it also adds a touch of polish to a pair of dark blue jeans and boots.

Basic white tees serve as fabulous layering pieces in the spring and fall, whether you’re rocking yours beneath a structured blazer or a cozy cardigan. You can also wear them throughout summer to keep your cool on warm days. Try a white turtleneck beneath a sleeveless dress on a crisp fall day—it’s an easy piece that makes it entirely possible to extend the useful life of your summer dresses later in the year. White is also a great base shade. Add an eye-catching statement necklace to complete any look.

Midi Skirts

What more can be said about the midi skirt except that it’s so darn good? The garment that was once merely a trendy piece has since blossomed into a wardrobe essential, ranking right up there with structured blazers and tailored pants. Think of it as the best of all worlds. It’s not too long, yet not so short that it feels uncomfortable.

Dress it down with a casual tee and step into a pair of slip-on sneakers for a fresh take on your everyday casual look. It’s cute for Sunday brunch, a relaxed date with someone special, or an impromptu coffee run. Or take a more polished approach and pair yours with a smart blouse. Throw on a blazer and step into a pair of heels if you’re taking your outfit to the office.

Knit Dresses

Few garments will serve you well year-round as the universal knit dress. You’ll find it in all types of styles, ranging from maxi dresses that offer optimal coverage to sleeveless throw-on varieties you can wear at the beach or while hanging out in town on a balmy summer day. You’ll find plenty of chic options to add to your casual repertoire, with details like waist-cinching belts that create definition, high waists that contribute to a flattering look from top to bottom, and V-necklines that highlight your neckline.

There are also styles appropriate for professional wear. Look for details like delicate keyhole necklines that offer just a peek of skin, fit and flare skirts that negotiate your curves beautifully, and practical lengths that are just right for corporate settings. Knit dresses are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, from simple neutrals that are perfect for any environment to vibrant shades and soft pastels to shake things up.

Perfect Denim

What makes a pair of women’s jean “perfect”? It’s all about finding the right fit. There’s no other factor that matters more. Denim is a thick and often tricky fabric, so it’s important to spend some time focusing on the features that help you feel as comfortable as possible. A touch of light stretch is your best friend, as it optimizes comfort and helps you feel your best.

Remember that comfort is king where jeans are concerned. So not only does stretch matter, but a little bit of flexibility helps too. Boyfriend cuts are awesome for this purpose. They can be form-fitting and show off your fabulous curves, but there’s a little bit of wiggle room included, so you don’t feel constricted when you’re moving around or sitting. Skinny jeans are equally wearable, so long as they’ve got some stretch to them. And if you love the look but prefer something with a bit more flexibility, a great pair of jeggings will never steer you wrong.

The right plus-size clothes for 2023 are the ones that you’ll wear well after the year is over. When shopping, think classic, comfortable, and stylish all at once. It’s entirely possible—it just takes a little bit of effort to find the best pieces that help you feel as great as you look.


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