Best Petite Lightweight Jackets to Wear This Spring

Best Petite Lightweight Jackets to Wear This Spring

Aside from the weather, spring and fall differ from winter in one major way: layering. Winter, with its cold temperatures, dreary forecasts, and snow, necessitates a degree of bundling up that can make even bucking our seatbelts a difficult task. But spring—the breath of fresh air that it is—allows us to transition from hibernation mode to sunshine mode, while shedding our layers along the way. What comes in lieu of women’s winter parkas, puffy jackets, and the warmest winter coats are lightweight fleece, thoughtful vests, raincoats, and more.

What makes spring so beautiful are the flowers blooming, the sky finding its favorite hue again, and the temperatures rising. This is all to say that spring feels like a warm hug after a long, cold winter. But springtime has its moments—like rain clouds, thunderstorms, or the occasional dip in temps—to remind us that having the right lightweight women's spring jacket on hand should never be in question. So we’re stocking up on the essentials: the petite, lightweight jackets made just for the season, and the ones we’ll always keep within reach. Because if spring were to have the perfect accessory, it’d be the lightweight jacket.

Made to layer, lightweight jackets are there when you need them, but just as easy to pack away when you don’t. You’ll appreciate their usefulness when kept in the backseat of your car for easy grabbing, or even packed into your tote for those just-in-case moments.

Packable Down

Rated for warmer temperatures, picking a packable jackets in the appropriate petite size offers you the chance to match the versatility of the weather. So whether it’s the tail-end of winter part of spring or right smack in the middle, you’ll have an option that covers all your bases. Lightweight down’s all-weather usefulness makes it a must-have for any all-season wardrobe.

Just as beneficial as a top layer in spring as it is a bottom layer during the colder months, this jacket is an investment piece to get you through every weather phase of the year. Water-resistant and featuring a cinchable, attached hood, this mid-hip jacket hits at the perfect length, keeping you on the move with ease and essentially rain-proof all season long. And in terms of touch and feel, ultralight packable down is as lightweight as it gets. At the end of the day, pack it away in its own small and compact drawstring bag.

Rain Jackets

Most often relegated to a wardrobe sector dedicated to being strictly utilitarian, the raincoat is by far one of the most underrated pieces in any closet. The best raincoats are the ones that match comfort with function, and our selection is designed to be both—always. Petite women’s rain jackets with hoods are available in an array of colors that brighten any rainy day. They’re also designed to last with premium craftsmanship that defies the standard. Featuring an attached hood, two zipper closures with snap storm flaps, adjustable cuffs, and a thoughtful, mid-thigh length, these petite raincoats do it all.


Women’s vests are as timeless as they are iconic. Our petite collection of sleeveless layers makes the transition from winter to spring as seamless as possible. As much a staple to your outdoor activities like hiking, walking, or running as they are useful in layering under coats or over sweatshirts for errands or to yoga class, the women’s petite vests always equate to one thing: fashion with a function. Available in puffer styles to fleece, these spring must-cotton sweater haves are essential to every spring wardrobe.

Women’s fleece vests have unlimited potential, looking just as nice over long-sleeve button-downs as they do over your favorite . This alone makes it a coveted part of every spring wardrobe, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention its other attributes. A lightweight, anti-pill, wrinkle-resistant fabric makes this style an easy one to reach for. But so too does the petite down puffer vest which, despite its winterized name, comes in two bright, spring-inspired prints to take you from winter to spring with ease. When you meet a colder than expected morning or evening with spring’s transient weather systems, vests are all the more essential to keep in your lineup.

Petite lightweight jackets are a no-brainer for spring, and for this year’s seasonal shift, make sure you have just what you need to keep you covered.


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