Personalizing your holiday

Personalizing your holiday

Here at Lands’ End, we love personalization. We’re known for our personalized customer service and Guaranteed. Period. promise. This promise keeps the focus on you, the customer, and keeps your needs at heart. We love making your experience with Lands’ End and all our products feel personalized and like they’re all your own – but we also love our extensive selection of products that can be embroidered, monogrammed, and made just right, just for you. Let’s take some time to look at a few of them that make the holidays even more special.

When we hear the words holiday and personalized, there’s one thing that comes straight to our minds: stockings! Few things give off that classic holiday feel quite like a row of stockings hung by the mantel (with care). Lands’ End needlepoint Christmas stockings are quintessential Christmas – you’ll want to get one for every member of the family. Personalizing your stockings with custom embroidery takes a Christmas classic all the way to extra-special status.

The bathroom offers a couple opportunities for personalized décor for the holidays. Monogrammed bath towels are a great way to get the holiday spirit flowing. You may choose to have your towels embroidered with a wintery image, or with a holiday-themed message across several towels. Alternatively, you may just choose towels in rich and sophisticated seasonal colors.

While we’re in the bathroom, let’s take a look at the shower curtain. At Lands’ End we offer unique shower curtains that can be monogrammed with your name, initials or a seasonal icon. Many of our shower curtains are designed to coordinate with our towels, creating a cohesive look in the room.

We have such a soft spot in our hearts for comfy, personalized bedding. Take a quick survey of your current bedding – don’t you think it could use an upgrade? For winter, we love the softness and coziness of flannel sheets. Our flannels are made by a family-owned mill in Portugal, and they’re designed to hold up to cold northern European winters. Monogrammed bedding is a wonderful personal touch, and we think it helps make your bedroom décor feel a little more custom and nice.

While you’re in that cozy-comfy mindset, why not take a look at some soft and warm fleece blankets? A fleece blanket is so comforting on a chilly evening, and its softness just can’t be beat. We love a good monogram on a fleece blanket. It’s a way of saying mine if you’re not so into sharing, or of letting your loved one know how generous you are for letting them use it. Fleece blankets also make great gifts, and adding embroidery makes it even more special.

The holidays aren’t just about gifts or decorations; they’re about what’s special for you and your loved ones. Personalized gifts make gift-giving in the holidays even more special. We love monogramming and personalization for everything on this list and much more, and we bet your loved ones will, too.

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