Perfect Gifts for Her This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, which means when February 14th comes around, you want to be sure to wow that special lady in your life with something truly dazzling. Flower deliveries, bouquets of stunning red roses, boxes of gooey chocolates, and fuzzy teddy bears are forever classic Valentine’s gifts that make a great first step when planning to surprise your lovely lady. This year, however, try taking your Valentine’s gifts one step further by adding in something personal to give her along with something as classic as roses and a candlelit dinner. The perfect Valentine’s gift is something that shows you know her and lends a thoughtful touch to more traditional gifts. Check out our list of suggestions for the perfect gifts for her this Valentine’s Day.

Pajamas and Robes

Few things are as personal as what she can wear around the house. A pair of women’s pajamas is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Depending on her personal taste and style, choose from a wide variety of options. Maybe some cozy flannel pajamas to keep warm through the rest of winter, some cotton pajamas year-round, or silk for when she feels like trying a different material. Perhaps she likes a pant and shirt pajama set or prefers a nightgown. You know best! Either way, a pair of lovely pajamas is the perfect personal touch to go with a dozen roses. Another bedroom-inspired gift is a robe. Opt for a cashmere blend, satin, or silk robe for the ultimate lavish feel.

Cashmere Sweater

Does your lady love sweaters? Who doesn’t? Treat her this Valentine’s Day to a luscious women’s cashmere sweater. There are so many styles, from turtlenecks to V-necks and open cardigans, as well as every color imaginable. You are sure to find something that she will adore. Perhaps pick a wine-red color to match the Valentine’s mood. She is certain to remember this Valentine’s Day together with you every time she wears it.

Bath Time

Like sleepwear, there is something personal about buying someone bath-inspired gifts. Spoil her with handmade natural soaps, fizzy bath balls, fresh-scented bubble baths, or therapeutic sea salts. Throw in a set of scented candles to the mix so she feels encouraged to sit back, relax, and soak in a divine bubble bath. Perhaps gift her a new set of plush cotton bath towels to bundle herself in after bathing. Your special lady is sure to feel adored when she has her favorite bath products.

Class Subscriptions

An opportunity to show your loved one that you love when she’s happy is to gift her a subscription to her favorite class. Many fitness, dance, and yoga studios offer class passes as gifts cards so you can seamlessly give her the gift of feeling and looking amazing. Pair the class pass with a new pair of leggings to further inspire her self-care activity of choice. If yoga is not her thing, instead give her a gift card for her favorite spa or massage clinic. Maybe she is more creative than active, in which case, gift her a subscription to a cooking, painting, or sculpting class. You know her best and the options are truly endless here!

Monogrammed Pieces

Nothing is so obviously personal like a monogrammed item. Have her name or initials stitched, engraved, painted, or embossed onto just about anything. It could be something as practical as a leather wallet or passport case, or as lavish as a silk eye mask for sweet dreams and sound sleeping. Choose an object you know she loves and gift her a monogrammed version of it. She will certainly cherish it.

Throw Blanket

Presents that make her feel cozy and loved are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Add a little something special to her living space with a plush throw blanket. Choose fibers like cashmere blends, wools, or alpaca for a lavish addition to her home. Bundle yourselves up on the sofa together and watch your favorite series with a bottle of wine and some candles.


A Valentine’s Day classic almost as traditional as roses is jewelry. Jewelry has the potential to make a big statement to your significant other. Even small and simple pieces of jewelry can make a truly wonderful gift that feels personal and thoughtful. Gifting jewelry for Valentine’s Day is a timeless classic that gives you the perfect excuse to shower her with something special she will truly love.

Set the romantic mood easily with roses and wine, but don’t resist going the extra mile with a personal and thoughtful gift for her this Valentine’s Day.

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