4 Flattering Dresses That Are Perfect for Hourglass Shapes

4 Flattering Dresses That Are Perfect for Hourglass Shapes

It's a shape, not a body type. So whether you're short or tall, anybody that has approximately the same measurements at the bust as they do at their hip is considered to have an hourglass figure. Basically, your silhouette looks a bit like a classic hourglass.

Every body type has its own benefits and best outfits based on certain parameters, and the hourglass figure has been praised so much that women wore corsets just to achieve the body type you naturally have. Take advantage of what you've got and love the skin you're in with our suggestions for the most flattering dresses to fit your figure.

Tricks of the Trade

Look for dresses that catch your eye first — the best dress is the one you can't stop thinking about. For hourglass shapes, try on dresses that create visual balance, so that you're able to see the natural line of your body. Veer away from dresses that are too flowy if you want to show off your silhouette, but don't avoid them completely. If there's a dress you love and look good in, wear it and never look back. You can always add some structure by wearing a women's belt over it or throwing on a fitted blazer.

Avoid adding too much volume up top with extras like ruffles or large necklaces. Dressing for an hourglass shape is all about balance but like an actual hourglass. If you want to accessorize, look to cute belts to help define your waist or a purse that falls right above the hip. Length doesn't make too much of a difference with hourglass shapes — whether you wear a mini, a midi, or a maxi skirt, your natural shape will shine.

1. Fit and Flare

Fit and flare dresses are a great option for hourglass shapes because they highlight the natural shape of your body. You'll know it's a fit and flare by the way the dress hugs your waist and flows over your hips.

They're super comfortable and a classic look for any occasion. You can find fit and flare dresses that are casual, in cotton or jersey fabrics that are perfect for a summer picnic. But if you're looking to dress up, a cocktail dress that's fitted at the top and flares out at the bottom will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

2. Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses work similarly in that they're ultra-comfortable, and can fit any body with ease. They work for hourglass figures because they're generally more fitted on top, but effortlessly flowy in the skirt. This helps to create a defined shape around your waist and adds a bunch of playfulness to your look.

If you want to play with volume, opt for a dress that's fitted up top and flows out in the skirt. Wrap dresses look great with denim jackets and a pair of canvas sneakers.

3. Modest Dresses

If you're looking for a flattering dress and want to keep the look a little more reserved, stay true to your vision and lean toward modest dresses. Make sure you find a neckline you feel comfortable with, and that the length of the skirt hits exactly where you'd like it to.

If you do still want to accentuate your shape, all you'll need to add a little kick to your outfit is a cool moto jacket or belted women's coat to create really beautiful lines. You'll be able to play all day, confident that you look as good as you feel.

4. Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are all about next-level ease. Depending on the cut of the dress, you'll feel light and luxurious all at the same time. Some shirt dresses can look boxy on an hourglass body shape, so just be sure the one that catches your eye either comes with a belt. If it doesn't, look for one you already own to pair it with for some added definition. Slip on your favorite ankle boots and head out for a day in the park.

To be sure you're wearing something that is working for you, always give it a good twirl in the mirror. Don't forget to experiment with necklines, too. Most options are on the table, from the sweetheart to the ever-flattering V- neckline, to the square and scoop too.

In the end, these are just ideas for dresses that you might love to see yourself in. But any dress that makes you feel good, no matter the shape, color, or cut, is the perfect dress to flatter your figure. You know why? Because your confidence and comfort keep your smile on all day long.


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