The Best Pants Every Plus-Size Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

3 Pants Every Plus-Size Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

The right pair of pants fit like a dream and adds some special to your wardrobe. It’s more than just the go-to denim that sees you through the weekend or the trusty tailored trousers that rev up your corporate style like nothing else. It’s also the pair that makes you feel confident that you look your very best.

The pair that flows comfortably from hip to ankle. The pair that negotiates your curves with ease and graceful elegance. The pair you just know you will love and wear for a lifetime. As you shop for your next favorite pair, keep these styles in mind.

A Stylish Skinny Fit

So many figures look phenomenal in skinny fit bottoms. Whether you’re eyeing a pair of jeans or ankle pants, you’ll find an excellent range of flattering options. Dark-wash plus size skinny jeans are an easy addition to your wardrobe because they look great with almost anything. You can create an effortless, balanced look with a simple white T-shirt, a crisp black blazer, and a pair of pumps. Or you can keep it simple by pairing it with a half-tucked plus size flannel shirt and a pair of sporty, chunky sneakers. The sky is the limit, and so long as you’re comfortable nothing else matters!

To ensure that you’re wearing the right fit, whether you’re shopping for jeans or pants, make sure that you can comfortably move around. Sit, stand, and bend to make sure that the bottoms move with you instead of constricting your movements. Be sure there’s no gap at the waist when you’re seated, too. Think of a skinny jean or pant as a second skin. The garment should feel relaxed and comfortable as you wear it. For that reason, it’s helpful to look for pairs that offer a hint of stretch. That added flexibility will contribute to a better overall fit from top to bottom.

A Dressy Wide Leg

Not every dressy occasion calls for a skirt or a dress. Sometimes it’s just too cold to heat out in anything but a pair of pants. That’s why it’s crucial to have a pair of women’s dress pants in your arsenal for precisely such circumstances. This style is characterized by a more fitted waist that slowly relaxes as it moves from the hips down to the thighs before skimming to a more open position at the ankle. The effect is sleek and refined, and also highly figure-flattering.

You can make this look your own by pairing with something more fitted on top to establish a lean and balanced look. If it’s wintertime, consider a jewel-toned plus size cashmere sweater to achieve a look that is both eye-catching and polished for a special event. Add a dramatic necklace on top to make a statement. You can even make a seamless transition from day to night in a pair of wide-leg pants, provided you’re wearing a neutral color that works well in a professional setting. Pair it with a structured blazer and a polished blouse during the day, then shed the blazer and add a few strategic, standout accessories to give your outfit a more sophisticated look. Swap your everyday work tote for a sleek, oversized clutch and you’ll be ready for anything that the evening brings.

A Sporty Comfort Pant

Until you’ve actually found the yoga pants or joggers of your dreams, you probably can’t imagine a pair of pants being so comfortable that they actually remind you of your favorite pair of women’s pajamas. Consider that reason enough to introduce your wardrobe to at least one pair of sporty, ultra-comfortable pants that meet your everyday needs with ease. These aren’t the pants you wear to the office or on date night, but the style that you sport when you’re lounging around the house, running errands, dropping the kids off to school, grabbing an impromptu coffee with friends, or baking for your friends and family during the holiday season.

In simplest terms, they’re “everything pants,” which means they’re designed specifically to perform. Features that characterize these types of bottoms include elastic waists, stretchy fabrics, and forgiving fits that don’t constrict movement or make it difficult to go about your daily routine. You shouldn't feel like you have to adjust your pants or tug at the waist to feel good about what you’re wearing. A loose-knit is always an easy choice that you can pair with anything from tunics to T-shirts. Fleece pants are also great to pair on cooler days with flannel shirts or long-sleeve tops and hoodies.

Prioritizing Comfort and Style

The perfect pants offer you the best of both worlds without ever sacrificing a hint of your comfort or an ounce of your style. By recognizing the styles that best flatter your figure and determining which are most suitable for your lifestyle, you can easily build a collection of practical plus size jeans and pants that make you look and feel your best, every moment of the day.

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