6 Occasions That Are Perfect for a Maxi Dress

6 Occasions That Are Perfect for a Maxi Dress

You have a gorgeous maxi dress hanging in your closet. Maybe you got it from your trip to Hawaii last year or saw it on the rack and just had to have it. Either way, it has been a while since this dress joined your wardrobe, and you have yet to find the right occasion to break it out. Are there any occasions that are right for a maxi dress? Why, yes! Yes, there are! Here are six occasions you can be sure are perfect for your maxi dress outfit.

1) A Wedding

We're starting with the formal occasions. Much of the time, we aren't sure about when to wear a maxi dress because the length feels so fancy. So, wear it to a fancy occasion! Weddings are definitely appropriate for maxi dresses. The elegant look fits right into the event, plus the breezy skirts tend to be perfect for keeping cool during outdoor ceremonies. Solid color maxi dresses or ones with unique fabric like lace work really well for these kinds of affairs. Halter tops and low backs are chic designs that won't look out of place here. Just make sure your maxi dress isn't white or cream, so you don't accidentally mix yourself up with the bride!

2) The Theater

If you do have a classy white maxi dress that you can't quite make work for a wedding, consider a night at the theater. A ballet, an opera, a play, or a symphony can bring varying levels of dress, but some of the nicer productions still call for a corresponding outfit from their audiences. Whatever you go to see, it can give you the excuse you are looking for to dress your best. To wear the white maxi dress, consider a monochrome look with a black women's blazer or a black women's coat. This kind of combination can make you look and feel like a socialite out to appreciate a bit of Shakespeare. A good theater occasion may even be able to support some larger pieces of jewelry, which are always fun to show off as well.

3) For Date Night

Sometimes the best date nights are movies and popcorn on the couch. Then there are times you want to shake things up. Plan a date to an upscale restaurant in the city. Find a good day that works for both schedules, make your reservations and then bust out your maxi dress! Cute shoes and a nice bag can bring this look right where you want it. Indoor seating under mood lighting with a pianist in the background calls for heels and a matching purse. If a purse feels like it is too much, go with a smaller clutch. Flats and sandals are great for more informal outdoor seating. A canvas tote may not look out of place in this scenario, plus it can carry a jacket in case the evening gets a bit chilly.

4) On Girls' Night

If your maxi dress is a little more casual and can be dressed down, there's no reason not to wear it to your next girl's night. A cotton maxi dress with a jean jacketĀ could work really well as an outfit at an outdoor club or hotel bar. The longer skirt can give you a bit more coverage in case you tip over after getting a little tipsy, plus you are likely to be memorable as maxi dresses can be quite the bold look, depending on where you go. If you have a patterned maxi dress, those florals or stripes moving in and out of the evening light can look mesmerizing. Take advantage of what you have and have a fabulous time!

5) At Brunch

Brunches are technically casual, but some of them can reach into the semi-formal territory. Use your maxi dress to help you fit in at a brunch setting! The long skirt lends a more formal style, and you can use women's wedges, a chunky necklace, and maybe a few bracelets to balance the look. Make sure to use a napkin to protect your skirt as you eat, or choose a darker-colored or patterned dress if you are worried about stains. The best part is, when you are done, all you need to do to be ready for lounging around the rest of the day is to kick off your shoes.

6) This Beach Day

This is the most informal of all the occasions, but the maxi dress might be the best outfit option here of all! Maxi dresses are usually light and breezy, making them the perfect match for the wind and sea. These dresses also can work as beach coverups for when you are out of the water and walking on the shoreline or when you are exploring the boardwalk and want a little more coverage than a bathing suit. There's never a better time to visit the beach than over summer. Bring your maxi dress along!

These are six occasions you can take advantage of. With all of these opportunities for wear, your maxi dress should have plenty of use all summer long!



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