Monogrammed Towels Could Be Your Most Loved Gift This Season

Monogrammed Towels Could Be Your Most Loved Gift This Season

You might not immediately think, “Yay! Towels!” when considering towels as the most loved gift. However, that’s where you’re wrong. If you stop and think about it, you use a towel (multiple towels) every single day. Whether at the kitchen sink, in the guest bathroom, getting out of the tub, or wrapping around your head after washing your hair, you likely have at least four towels in rotation in your home. But can you ever have enough, especially when you need to wash them? In addition, if your towels are scratchy and visually unappealing, you might actually really need some new towels. They’re the universal gift that keeps on giving. Here are some monogrammed towel gift ideas that are sure to be your most-loved gift this season.

Monogrammed Hand Towels

Monogrammed hand towels have a spot in any room that has a sink. That means the kitchen and every bathroom. Think about it from a guest perspective: when you’re at someone’s house and they have an ultra-soft towel that you use to wash your hands in the bathroom, you might look at it admirably and think, “I need one of these.” When you look closer, you see it is monogrammed, and you think, “These people are kind of classy.” Right? Let someone else have that experience with the gift of monogrammed hand towels.

Monogrammed Organic Towels

Organic is all the rage these days, and not just in regard to food. Organic towels are made with organic cotton and dyes to make them super soft and give them muted colors that no other dyes can give. It isn’t just the organic component that makes them special though. Their terry loops are longer than others, allowing you to sink into them like you would into a bed made with chenille blankets. Personalizing them with some monogramming takes these impressive towels to the next level, making them a classy gift.

An Entire 6-Piece Set

Sure, the one of set of towels here and there are nice, but what everyone really wants is to have towels that match. Having a bath towel of one color and brand hanging on the wall and then having a hand towel made from a different brand and in a different color isn’t the optimal situation. What is optimal is an entire 6-piece set of Supima towels. You can spend countless hours looking for quality towels, but you'll ultimately find what you've been looking for in these, which are made from Supima cotton, grown here in the U.S., with extra-long, fine fibers. Their indulgence comes from not only the unique cotton (made from the top 3% of all cotton grown in the U.S.) but also the fact that the threads are combed through before the shortest ones are removed. Keeping the cream of the crop allows for a super silky yarn that feels amazing and stands the test of time. Plus, the bath-sized towels are longer than most others, at an impressive 56 inches. They can also be personalized with monogramming. The entire six-piece set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two washcloths.

Consider a Matching Rug or Shower Curtain to Tie Everything Together

A matching bathroom rug or shower curtain is important if you’re going to have towels that stand the test of time in your bathroom. Plus, you can have rugs and shower curtains monogrammed too. This is great for wedding gifts since saying that you bought someone towels isn’t as thrilling as saying, “I bought them monogrammed luxury towels with a matching monogrammed bath mat and rug.”

Monogrammed Beach Towels

For anyone who enjoys going to the beach but gets lost in a sea of familiar-looking towels, monogrammed beach towels make a great gift. They come in vibrant colors that are resistant to damage from frequent washings and sunlight. Plus, they’re super absorbent and feel great when wrapped around you after getting out of the water. Whether for kids or adults, a personalized beach towel makes a great gift.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that evoke the most joy. And unfortunately, there are loads of people who have never felt the comfort of a luxurious bath towel when they hop out of the shower. Bath towels, hand towels, washcloths and beach towels all make great gifts, but only if they’re made with a quality that stands out above the rest. Monogramming them takes it to another level and makes it extra thoughtful.

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