Monogrammed Luggage: A Classy Travel Experience

Monogram Your Luggage and Carry-ons for the Classiest Travel Experience

What makes a getaway truly classy? If you’re ready to travel like a true jet-setter — the type who leaves nothing to chance while preparing for the trip — then it all begins with the journey. Sure, you can travel by private jet if you’re so inclined, or maybe hop aboard a luxury yacht if the opportunity presents itself. But even if you’re going to the lake with the kids or on your annual trip to the beach with the family, there’s no reason to deny yourself a higher level of grandeur. Investing in monogrammed travel bags is an effortless way to upgrade your experience.

Make a Weekender Your BFF

Since you never know when an impromptu opportunity to get away from it all will materialize, it’s important to be prepared. A weekender bag for women promises to be your greatest ally when you’re getting ready for a few days away from the grind. The beauty of the humble weekender is that it handles those heavy loads like a dream. Look for a sturdy and durable material, like cotton canvas. It’s both easy to clean and easy on the eyes, and it makes packing for your trips an absolute dream. That’s because weekenders are designed specifically with getaways in mind. Structured bases ensure that you have enough room to hold everything from shoes to pants to sweaters. Full-zip closures keep everything completely contained, while multiple pockets provide you with sufficient space for everything from your keys to your sunscreen. Best of all is the option to monogram your bag with your initials — what better way to leave your stamp on something that’s just as classy as your vacation?

Carry a Do-It-All Backpack

Think about what makes a humble backpack such an essential item. It fits in beautifully when you require a small piece of luggage for the plane, train or bus, or perhaps to keep by your side in the car as you embark on an epic road trip. Whatever your situation might be, you can easily make it even classier and more glamorous by monogramming your backpack with your initials. Suddenly, the simple backpack with a laptop sleeve is more than just your best buddy on the road — it’s also something that’s yours and yours alone.

Of course, features like said laptop sleeve don’t hurt either, especially if you’re not carrying much more than a few essentials. A well-designed backpack that stands up to the everyday wear and tear that typically comes along with regular travel is important. Materials like canvas are ideal, but always look for those extras that set it apart from the rest, like convenient pockets and sturdy bases; the more spacious, the better. Naturally, backpacks are great for stowing under the seat in front of you on a flight, so if you plan to pack light, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Grab a Heavy-Duty Duffle

When you think of bags that aren’t quite suitcases but that could conceivably take the place of them, you naturally think of duffle bags. It’s the practicality of the design and the sturdiness of the construction that makes the duffle such a no-fuss, no-fail choice for your getaways. Although there are thousands of options out there, you can narrow down your focus by zeroing in on the details that make it particularly useful to you.

For example, if you do plan to use a duffle as a substitute for a suitcase, you need to make sure that it’s built to perform in the same way. Does it offer enough space for everything that you plan to pack, from dresses to shirts to sweaters to vests? Is there enough room to throw in a pair of your favorite shoes? Next look at the carrying situation. So long as it has an adjustable shoulder strap with padding, you’re in good shape. You don’t want to be that person who struggles to grip a glamorous monogrammed duffle as you lumber across the airport before the gate closes. Let your bag do all the work for you by seeking out details that really set it apart.

Snag a Smart Computer Bag

We’ve all been in that situation where we fumble with our electronics as we hastily pack for a last-minute trip. You can look like a picture of polished perfection with a monogrammed computer bag for women in your grasp. You’ll look poised and professional, of course, but you’ll also have a much easier time keeping your tech gear in one place during your journey. Look for travel-friendly options to ensure that all your possessions stay safe while you’re in transit, like cushioning to stabilize the laptop, thick fabric that remains durable for years to come and a water-repellent finish to prevent moisture intrusion. A few extra pockets inside and outside also come in handy.

Upgrade your next travel experience with monogrammed luggage and carry-ons and enjoy the journey.


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