Hit the Beach with Modest Swimwear for Women

Hit the Beach with Modest Swimwear for Women

Getting all the details down-pat for your beach vacation — whether it be the flight, hotel, car rental, or dog sitter — can be a real chore. In fact, they might be so labor-intensive that you find yourself putting off some of the most important things, like what to wear to ensure you have a good time and are comfortable when you get to your destination. When it comes to what to wear on the beach, there are so many options to choose from. Don’t assume that you need to show lots of skin just because you’re at the beach, either. Sometimes you want to cover up and be modest so you can feel comfortable being active in and out of the water. Other times, perhaps you want something versatile enough to take you from the beach to the boardwalk to the restaurant and back again. Looking for some ideas on how to make the most of your vacation while also dressing modestly? Here are some ideas on what to pack for your next beach vacation.

One-Piece Swimsuits

A modest one-piece swimsuit can be just as attractive as a bikini. When it comes to swimwear, being confident and able to move around and have fun is what it’s all about. It isn’t about wearing less; it’s about living more. How can you ensure the ability to do that during your beach vacation? Take some time to invest in modest swimwear that looks and feels amazing. With a one-piece, you’ve got your torso covered, and you’ve got the flexibility to wear whatever coverup you like over it while still being able to jump into the water at will. Long live the one-piece!

Rash Guards

One of the best inventions since waterproof mascara is rash guards. Rash guards are usually long- or short-sleeved shirts that you wear over your swimsuit. They’re likely one of the most important swimwear pieces to include in your suitcase for your beach vacation for a variety of reasons. First, some styles are made from material with UPF to protect you from the sun. Second, they dry super quickly. Third, they look just like a regular T-shirt but don’t weigh you down. Other benefits of rash guards are they are easy to take care of, weigh close to nothing, and easily slip into a beach bag. Make sure you get one (or two) for your vacation this summer.

Board Shorts for Him

Men’s board shorts are great for the guy who prefers swim trunks that are on the baggier side. Board shorts typically reach the knee, so they offer lots of coverage and are also great for sun protection — especially if they have a UPF of 50. They also dry quickly, especially the ones made of nylon. For men, board shorts are the best option for a modest amount of coverage.

Swim Shorts with Pockets

Swim shorts are not only more modest, but they are also more practical than a typical bikini bottom, especially when they have pockets! Not only are there loads of swim shorts out there to choose from, but there are also swim pants. Make sure there is mention of SPF 50 in regard to the fabric and also that it is quick-drying. Most of all, make sure you feel great in it.

High Neck Tankinis

A high neck tankini is great if you want the look of a tankini but more coverage than a regular tankini offers. Plus, you get more sun protection if your décolletage is prone to sunburn. A bonus is you can mix and match tankinis with different bottoms and different rash guards or coverups. Look for a high neck tankini with UPF 50 for even more sun protection.

There are so many reasons people might prefer a modest swimsuit as opposed to something with less coverage. They might have kids to chase after. They might want ultimate sun protection. They might want a piece of swimwear that lasts with them from day to night. Regardless of the reason, you can look great in modest swimwear, whether it’s a one-piece suit, a tankini, board shorts, or even swim pants! Your beach vacation will only be as comfortable and fun as you are, so wear whatever makes you feel like yourself. Just remember you’ve got lots of options to choose from when it comes to modest swimwear for women and girls.


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