Iron Knees for all Kids' Pants

I Keep Finding New Holes in My Kids' Pants. Where Can I Find Comfortable Kids' Pants That Won't Wear Out in a Month?

You just went back to school shopping a couple of weeks ago. You sent your kids off to school, and lo and behold, their brand new kids' jeans come back with holes in their knees after a hard day of playing on the playground. We've all been there: the whole point of being a kid is getting out there, having fun, and maybe ruining a few outfits in the process. Instead of repeatedly repairing or buying the same kids' pants over and over again, you should try out a pair of our kids' pants with Iron Knees®. Here is everything you need to know about what makes our Iron Knees pants the toughest play pants out there. 

What are Iron Knees®?

Glad you asked! Iron Knees® are fabric patches built into our boys' and girls' pants to reinforce the material and make it last longer. No more holes in the knees after a slide into home base. We wanted to give our customers a pair of kids' pants that were not only made to last but could keep your kiddos comfy, too.

Are the Fabric Patches in Your Kids' Pants Uncomfortable?

We know it can be frustrating (to put it mildly) trying to find a pair of kids' pants your kids actually want to wear. We get it, so don't worry: the Iron Knees® fabric patches are made with extra-comfy polyester, which is soft on the inside and completely invisible on the outside. Once they slip these kids' pants on, they won't even notice they come with Iron Knees®.

Do Iron Knees® Come in Softer Styles, Too?

"Strong” and “soft" shouldn't be separate concepts, right? They should go hand-in-hand. That's why we included durable Iron Knees® in plenty of styles to choose from. You can grab a pair of kids' chino pants with Iron Knees® on fancier days and maybe wear some kids' sweatpants with Iron Knees® on more casual days. It's up to them; we even included Iron Knees® in our girls leggings and girls' jeans, too. Just like in our other kids’ pants, the patches in our girls’ leggings are invisible from the outside and super soft on the inside, making them perfect for formal occasions where leggings are needed as well as playtime outfits. These patches feature all-way stretch that let them move whatever way is needed for your little girl’s playtime. We really wanted to make sure that no matter what your kid picks out, their kids' pants will always be protected from getting holes.

How do I Take Care of Kids' Pants with Iron Knees®?

There's no pre-treatment guide, special soaps, or magic spells needed to take care of your kids' pants with Iron Knees®. We built each pair to withstand the wash. Just stick them into a load with warm water and tumble dry on low-boom, you’re all done. You won't have to worry about them wearing out or shrinking three sizes. If you really want to make sure they last, though, lay off the fabric softener. Fabric softeners can make clothing wear out quicker, even reducing the quality of some fabrics over time. Iron Knees® can stand up to fabric softener, but going without will help those tough patches work harder longer. 

Outfit Your Hard-Playing Kids with Iron Knees®

Buying kids' pants doesn't have to be a monthly habit. Save yourself the headache of replacing your kids' pants every couple of months and pocket some extra cash for the family instead. While you’re at it, ditch that needle and thread, too, you won't need them for your kids' pants anymore. Your kids are going to play rough occasionally, so they should have a pair of pants or two that can keep up with whatever they throw at them. After all, "active" is kind of in a kid's job description, right? With extra durable Iron Knees®, there's no reason your kids' pants should come home with giant, gaping holes no matter how hard they play.


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