How to Wear Camisoles in Stylish Ways

How to Wear Camisoles in Stylish Ways

A camisole is so much more than a pajama top or piece of loungewear that you only put on when you’re at home. It is a wardrobe staple that belongs in every woman’s closet. It’s versatile and adaptable. Depending on the style and material of the camisole, you can wear it in a number of settings—at the gym, at the office, or just about anywhere. Whether you have a few camisoles in your closet already or you are planning to purchase a few new ones, here are some stylish ways to integrate camisoles into your wardrobe.

With a Light, Flowy Scarf

A camisole is a perfect choice for warm weather. One simple yet fabulous way to add a little more oomph to a camisole is by draping a light scarf around your neck. The combination of a light, flowy scarf with a camisole makes for an effortlessly sophisticated look. You can wrap the scarf around your neck in different styles or wear it as a shawl should you ever get a little chilly. If you are trying to achieve a monochromatic look, keep the scarf, camisole, and whatever bottoms you wear the same color, such as all beige or black.

Pair a Silk Camisole With a Blazer or Cardigan

If you are planning to wear a camisole for more formal occasions, it’s important to start by thinking about the material of the camisole. There are plenty to choose from; some are softer than others, some are dressier, some are more durable, and so on. A silk camisole is definitely the kind of thing that looks great for formal occasions. To incorporate silk camisoles into your workplace attire, wear a sharp blazer over it. Something like a navy blue blazer over a silk beige camisole looks smart and polished, yet still manages to make a subtle fashion statement. If you are trying to achieve a comfier look, wear a soft cardigan over a silk blazer. Two light colors, like a beige cashmere cardigan over a luxuriously soft pink silk blouse, can create an elegant look without requiring you to give up comfort.

Tuck it into Almost Anything

There are plenty of ways to wear a camisole untucked and loose, but a camisole looks just as good, if not better, when it’s tucked in. If you are heading to the office, tuck a silk white camisole into a black or gray pencil skirt and finish the look with a pair of low black pumps. It’s simple and understated yet a very chic look. A camisole can also be tucked into a pair of trousers or linen pants, creating a clean outfit that is functional, comfortable, and extremely stylish. For a more casual look, tuck a camisole into a pair of blue skinny jeans. For shoes, almost anything goes: strappy sandals, ballet flats, wedge sandals, or pumps all look good.

Camis and Jeans

There are so many ways to style a cami and women’s jeans combo, depending on the style, color, and material of both. If you want to achieve a clean, minimalist look, you can never go wrong with the classic blue jeans and white camisole combo. Depending on the style of the jeans, you can either tuck the camisole in or leave it loose. A pair of blue straight-leg ankle jeans will look fabulous with a simple white camisole and a pair of white sneakers. In order to make more of a statement, shop around for colored jeans or black skinny jeans and pair it with a print camisole or one in a bright solid color.

Layer It

We touched a little on layering when discussing ways to pair a camisole with a blazer or cardigan. However, there are plenty of other ways to layer a camisole with other jackets and articles of clothing. For example, during the summer, you can add more dimension to a v-neck maxi dress when you layer a camisole underneath it. The trick is to make sure the style, color, or design of both the camisole and the tall maxi dress complement each other nicely. Another way to layer a camisole is by wearing it with different jackets. One killer look is the combination of a white camisole with a black leather jacket. It’s edgy, but still very feminine and fashionable.

Now that you have a few examples to work with, try them out and see which styles you like best. In addition to the outfits listed above, play around with various articles of clothing you own and find creative ways to pair them with your camisoles. The camisole such a popular article of clothing because it does so many things at once: It keeps you comfortable, it looks fantastic, and it works well when combined with many other clothing articles. So the more often you get to wear camis, the better!


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