A Guide to Wearing a Bra With Thin Straps

A Guide to Wearing a Bra With Thin Straps

When the weather calls for it, there’s nothing like a lightweight top or cotton dress with thin straps to help you stay comfortable without sacrificing your amazing sense of style. But even with the lightest of tops, your need for constant support doesn’t change.

That can be a little bit of a bummer when you’re wearing something that’s really sinewy, like a spaghetti strap dress or a tank top. Who wants to deal with visible bra straps? Sometimes it’s easy to grin and bear it, but you might not feel comfortable with that all the time. In those cases, some solutions don’t involve you retiring those thin-strapped tops and bottoms that you swear get you through the warmest days of the year. What to do? Here’s how to handle the issue like the fashion maven that you are.

Know Your Preferred Bra Style

Yes, this makes a difference — a big one. If you’re wearing a tank top with thin, barely-there straps, and plan to wear something underneath, you need to weigh your support needs first. If you have a full bust, for example, then look for a bra that features straps in the same color as your women’s tank top. The effect is a look that’s far more discreet and barely noticeable.

If you require less coverage, consider wearing a strapless bra with your tank or dress. Even though they lack straps, they’re available in a wide range of styles. For example, you can find styles made with molded cups or additional boning to provide the support and lift that you need. Or stick with a bralette if you don’t need anything too substantial; you can even choose one in a bright color or print to peek out from beneath your top or dress for a little visual intrigue. A strapless bra is also a great choice if you have a small bust and don’t need too much support. You can even try adhesive bras for just the right amount of necessary coverage.

Invest in Clear Bra Straps

There really is a solution for everything. Whether the bra straps simply clash or you hate the way that they look when they peek out from beneath the slender straps of your tank top or summer dress, a set of clear bra straps can fill the gap and solve the problem right away. They’re designed to fit conveniently onto convertible and strapless bras, so you can quickly fish them through the loops and be on your way.

Be sure to look for a style that’s truly clear. Many have a cloudy finish that prevents them from appearing glossy when they press onto your skin. They’re perfect to wear with everything from spaghetti strap dresses to breezy mesh or lace tops. Since these are virtually invisible, no one will know that they’re there — and they’ll never interfere with the look of your fashionable attire.

Keep a Convertible Bra Handy

Maybe you’re headed to a special event in a maxi dress for women that features only a single slender strap, or you’re wearing a trendy single-strap top. A convertible bra is the best solution in unique situations like these, where a bra is necessary but slightly trickier to wear.

Convertible styles offer the support that you need without taking away from the beauty and integrity of your outfit. Why risk showing even a hint of your strap? Convertible styles are easy to adjust in different ways; you can wear it completely strapless, of course, or you can use a single strap directly underneath the thin strap of your dress or top. Just make sure to choose one that is in relatively the same color family to prevent any unsightly fashion faux pas.

Try a Built-In Bra Instead

Sometimes it’s just not practical to wear a bra when you want to wear something with thin straps. Maybe there’s no comfortable way to hide the bra straps, or you can’t find a bandeau that provides the right level of support. In those instances, consider wearing a sleeveless jersey dress or a tank top with a built-in bra instead.

These are designed to provide optimal support and take the place of your bra. In some cases, though, they might not be supportive enough — and you might consider putting a strapless or bandeau on underneath in that case. Even a bodysuit can provide enough support and take the place of a tank if you want something polished to wear with wide-leg pants, jeans, skirts, or shorts. Almost anything goes when it comes to this versatile option, and it offers the added benefit of more support on top.

While it can be tricky to wear a bra with anything that has thin straps, it’s not impossible! Keep a variety of different bra styles on hand so that you always have something available depending on the style of top or dress you plan to wear. With a little ingenuity, you’ll see that it’s easy to rock your favorite thin-strapped piece — without showing even a hint of your bra straps.


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