Transitioning Cashmere

How to transition your favorite cashmere sweaters from season to season.

Don’t put away your cashmere sweaters! Aside from high summer in Florida, we can pretty much name a time in every season when the occasion will call for the softest warmth on the planet. Giving your knitwear a style twist will help you break out of a seasonal rut with a fresh new look.

Winter to spring:

wear a chunky-knit cashmere sweater over a flowing chiffon skirt, or one with pretty pleats. The contrasting fabrics come together for a beautiful, yet unexpected, outfit you’ll love wearing when the sun’s shining. Finally, grab a matching clutch purse and finish with a statement necklace.

All spring long:

skip the dark denim and grab your favorite faded skinny jeans. Wearing lighter, brighter colors with a soft cashmere top will keep you comfy without looking too heavy. Pastel jeans in floral shades, like lilac and daffodil, will put a smile on your face too, and you can cuff them to reveal a little ankle.

On a nice afternoon, you can toss the coat and rely on your favorite cashmere sweater to keep you cozy. If the temperature rises enough, or you live in a mild climate, a cashmere cardigan might work in place of a jacket as well.

Late spring into summer:

there’s no need to keep your favorite summer dress in the closet until June. Wear it with your cashmere sweaters, like a cable knit turtleneck in spring, or a cardigan in early summer. Your dress will double as an adorable skirt in the early season. The soft cashmere cardigan will give your arms a welcome chill-chaser when the sun sets in summer.

For a work-friendly ensemble, wear a cashmere cardi with a silky camisole, a pencil skirt and a string of pearls. For a weekend coffee date with your friends, slip on your favorite vintage tee and throw on an open cardigan that reaches down to your hips.

If you’re going for a night on the town, a little black dress is a must. However, if that dress is made for summery weather, you’ll need a cashmere crewneck sweater to fend off the chill. Whisper-soft and totally glam, it will bring out the twinkle in your eye.

Keep a few short-sleeve cashmere sweaters on hand for spring, and you’ll never stress over what to wear. They’re cozier than a thin cotton top (and infinitely more luxurious), but they’re suited to the season. You’ll also find they’re nice for the office; just add some chic pants and you’re ready for lunch with clients.

Don’t overlook your footwear, either – the right shoes can work wonders. Try some white sneakers, or even a pair of open-toe mules when the skies are blue. Delicate ballet flats are stunning with cashmere, and so are sleek loafers.

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