How to Transition Activewear To All-Day Wear

How to Transition Activewear To All-Day Wear

When it comes to activewear, it's all about staying comfortable and being free to move. Activewear is light and breathable with an emphasis on mobility, so it makes sense that we feel good when we wear it: It's built for our bodies and not necessarily for looks. But just because activewear is comfortable doesn't mean it can't be cute. We know what you're thinking: Activewear can't be worn out of the gym or home. Actually, most women's activewear is soft and comfortable enough for long daily wear, and with all the different styles out there, it's easier than ever to convert activewear to all-day, regular wear. With a focus on minimalism and comfort, here are a few tips on transitioning your activewear to all-day wear.

Dress Leggings Up

Your leggings and women's yoga pants are usually your loungewear go-to, and we understand why. They're comfortable enough for long-term wear and exercise while keeping a tight and flattering fit. Your favorite leggings can easily become part of your daily wear with a few easy style tips to dress them up. For example, tie an oversized sweater or collared shirt around your waist to take your leggings from gym wear to streetwear. It'll also give you the comfort of a boost to your silhouette and hide your pesky underwear lines. If you get cold, you can wear it over your T-shirt or top, while a longer length will continue to hide your waistline. The longer, the better, as your loose, flowier top layer will contrast and balance your tight, form-fit leggings. This balance will help your outfit feel like one cohesive idea broken down.

Work Sneakers into Everyday Looks

As a great item for any outfit, your sneakers and tennis shoes are the activewear standard that can work will any style. Whether you're dressing a sundress down with your flat canvas sneakers, staying comfortable for long hikes or shopping trips, or going straight from the gym to a meetup with friends, your sneakers will get you there while staying stylish and comfy. Consider pairs in white, black, or gray to go with every outfit or a bold statement color that makes your shoes the focal point of your ensemble. Sneakers are reliable and go with everything, but they won't have your feet aching after a long day of wear the way some heels and sandals might. You can move freely with the arch support you'll need to last the entire day and night on your feet in your sneakers. Your feet, legs, and mind will all thank you when they're comfortable and can easily move during even the longest days. You'll have the perfect opportunity to mix style and support in your favorite tennis shoes, so lace them up and get out there!


For turning activewear into all-day wear, layering is key! Who said that athleisure and activewear can't be worked into your day-to-day? By layering your athletic items in with more fashionable, dress-to-impress pieces, you'll easily achieve a balance for regular, everyday wear. Try a sports bra underneath a blazer or button-down shirt, or a pair of athletic shorts or women's joggers under a nice sweater. You could also add a zip-up sporty hoodie to a dress or skirt, once again eliminating the expectation that athletic wear and streetwear can't mix. The casual feel of the activewear will cut some of the dressiness from fancier pieces and help them meet in the middle. By using the activewear as a highlight piece contrasted against regular daily items, you can achieve the perfect casual in-between outfit.


Accessories can help you take your gym clothes from leisure to out on the town. The right jewelry will take your crop top and leggings from workout to night out. Styling goes a long way, so dressing up your activewear is not too difficult. Statement earrings, a fancy bag or purse, and heels are all items that can immediately change the tone of an outfit. A long jacket can also glam up a standard gym outfit. While you wouldn't wear jewelry to exercise and work out, you can absolutely pair your favorite workout clothes with your stand-out pieces to create a mid-level streetwear outfit. High-fashion and low-brow activewear aren't as far apart as you'd think, and when you meet them in the middle, you create a perfect athleisure mid-ground.

Activewear is comfortable, casual, and easy to wear, so why not take it from an occasional workout uniform to a standard of your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to mix your fashion up and style your activewear in fun, new ways. Ultimately, you'll get more wear out of it if it can be worked into your everyday style, and it'll keep you staying as comfortable as possible no matter the wear length. So get cozy and cute: The line between them is closer than you think!


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