How to Transform a Day Dress Into an Evening Dress

How to Transform a Day Dress into an Evening Dress

Regardless of the season, dresses are a chic and effortless choice to wear for daytime and nighttime occasions. From day dresses (which are typically light, flowy, and casual), to evening gowns (which are more elegant, sleek, and formal), it’s easy to find the perfect women’s dress for any occasion. However, when stocking our wardrobes, we love to go for versatility as much as we can–which means wearing a piece of clothing in more than one way.

Dresses are no exception. If a dress fits well and isn’t too ornate, it can easily transform from a day dress into an evening dress. A few points we look for when determining if a dress can be both day and evening appropriate is silhouette, fabric, and fit. However, with the right style tips, almost any dress can make it from daywear into the evening. Here are some pointers on how to build stylish day to night outfits all year round.

Trade Flats for Heels

The first stop is shoes. Perhaps you’ve been romping around all day in a light women’s cardigan sweater, jeans, and some cute ballet flats, but now the evening is approaching, and you are ready to transform this outfit into an ensemble appropriate for a date or a night out. All you need to do is simply swap the flats for a great pair of heels. If it’s summer, slip on a slinky pair of strappy stilettos for an elegant upgrade to your day dress, or try some block-heeled pumps for a more comfortable but classy look with an added edge. Slipping on a great pair of heels is the easiest way to transform your dress from the daytime to the evening.

Statement Jewelry

We are talking about the kind of jewelry that goes big or goes home. Statement jewelry is particularly a go-to if your day dress is on the simpler side, like a flowing summer dress or a sleek sweater dress. Put on some dangly earrings, a chunky necklace, and some heavy bangles to bring this dress from daytime into the night. Because of the simplicity of day dresses, it’s really hard to overdo it with the jewelry. Take advantage of all your most exciting accessories–the ones you love but are too intimidated to wear regularly and throw them on with your day dress for a fancier evening look. If you love big hoops, now is your time to shine!

Jacket or Blazer

Remember that light cardigan you wore all day? Time to trade it in for something more evening-appropriate. If it’s warmer weather, go for a structured and fitted blazer. Wear a darker color for a more professional and sophisticated look, or choose something more exciting like patterns or bold colors if you’re going out to dinner or seeing friends. If it is wintertime, switch the down puffer jacket for a women’s wool coat so you arrive at your destination feeling warm and looking fabulous.


Accessories are key when taking a day dress into the night. During daytime hours, it’s convenient to carry a tote bag to keep all your daytime necessities with you. Keep the day dress on and swap the tote for a mini bag or clutch. Opt for leather or try something glitzy for a little extra evening oomph. Throw on a belt over your dress to cinch your waist for a more glamorous look. Add a fancy silk shawl or cashmere scarf to your ensemble to make a simple day dress more exciting and evening appropriate. Don’t be shy to wear that red hot color lipstick you otherwise keep at the bottom of your makeup bag. Bold lipstick color is a true power move, so take advantage of this opportunity.

When in Doubt, Choose a Maxi Dress

You heard us: When in doubt, go for a maxi dress. Even your most daytime-looking maxi dress will easily transform into an evening dress. The length and shape of maxi dresses lend an effortless grace and elegance that can be taken to most evening affairs. Wear with heels, a blazer, and a fitted women’s cashmere turtleneck for a wintry sophisticated look that exudes grace and finesse. Transform your favorite summer maxi dress just as easily by throwing on a chic linen jacket and some open-toes heels–just like that, you’re good for a night out!

We love versatility, especially when it comes to dresses. Try these tips at home and discover new ways to wear your favorite dresses for any occasion.


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