How To Style Your Polo Shirt in 2023

How To Style Your Polo Shirt in 2023

While originally designed for tennis players to wear in the 1920s, polo shirts have climbed the rungs of the fashion ladder. Adopted by students attending American universities in the 1950s, for many, polo shirts have a preppy and boyish feel. But the polo has successfully managed to reinvent itself again and again, leaving behind the overly sporty designs and becoming ultra-fashionable as a closet essential. The year 2023 comes with even more new and exciting ways to style your polo shirts. Check out these fun and fashionable ways to style your favorite women’s polo shirts.

With Jeans

The polo shirt has stayed tried and true for almost a century but continues to evolve in design and styling. Jeans are always the classic go-to look when wearing polo shirts. Our favorite timeless look is to wear a polo shirt over a nice pair of women’s jeans. Choose a dark blue pair of jeans with a fitted white polo shirt for a classic look. Even still, there are plenty of different and interesting ways to pair your polo shirts with jeans. Add a bit more style by choosing a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans or wide-legged jeans with your polo shirt tucked in for a sophisticated and fresh look.

With a Skirt

Skirts are a part of what makes polo shirt-styling so versatile. From short skirts to skorts, midi skirts to pencil skirts, and maxi skirts to khaki skirts, you can style your polo shirts with any of these women’s skirts. Each combination will give a totally different yet nonetheless fashionable look. You can wear a polo shirt with a short skirt or skort for a sporty and classic look. Tuck a black polo shirt into a midi or fitted pencil skirt for a sophisticated and streamlined look. Go boho chic with a classy flair by wearing a black polo shirt with a flowing maxi skirt. Or, for a bold take on the maxi skirt look, pair a bright-colored polo shirt with a maxi skirt of the same color for a bright and brilliant outfit.

Under a Dress

Want to wear a great summer dress, but feel like you want a bit of modesty in your look? It’s become increasingly trendy to wear polo shirts beneath sleeveless dresses. This makes the perfect street-stylish outfit for when you want to wear your favorite beach dress but don't want to show too much skin. Also, feel free to turn your favorite polo shirt into a dress itself! There are different lengths and styles of polo shirts, some of which are long enough to be worn as shift-style dresses themselves.

Under a Sweater

While this look used to be considered the ultimate preppy look and wasn't considered super fashionable just a few years ago, wearing polo shirts under sweaters has gone mainstream. This business-casual and traditional look goes a long way. Dress it up for the office with a pair of work pants or slacks, or dress it down for the day with a long skirt. Wearing a polo shirt under a sweater is still fashionable, so enjoy the versatility and ease of this look.

With a Blazer

Blazers have a miraculous ability to bring a whole outfit together. Similarly, when worn over a polo shirt, a blazer brings the entire outfit into one seamless look. To dress up just about any polo shirt look, throw on a blazer. This outfit is also perfect for some professional environments. Put on a pair of slacks, some sleek shoes, and you’re good to go to work. If you are looking to style your polo shirts in a way that looks classy and sophisticated, then wearing them under a blazer is the way to go.

With Shorts

Look sporty and stylish by wearing your polo shirt with a pair of shorts. For a casual summer or resort look, wear it with a pair of classic women’s shorts. For something a little more stylized, wear khaki shorts or jean shorts. If you’re going for something more fashionable and interesting, try wearing them with a pair of dressier shorts and some leather boots.

As Loungewear

If you’re feeling the sporty vibes, don’t be scared to go all in. Loungewear and athleisure have taken the fashion world by storm. It’s no surprise that after a year of working from home, comfy and casual are in. Give your regular sweatpants look a snazzy twist without compromising your comfort by styling your outfit with a nicely fitted polo shirt. While you might not wear this to the office, you can definitely wear it for all your video conferences and midday walk breaks.

With Denim

Classic polo shirts and denim are a match made in heaven. Both are such timeless American classics that wearing them together will always look good. Whether you are wearing your polo shirt with a pair of jeans, with a denim skirt, or under a denim jacket, you are going to look effortlessly styled. For a classic yet retro vibe, wear a white polo shirt with your favorite blue jeans and a stylish denim jacket.

With a Suit

Look polished yet sporty by wearing a fitted polo shirt with your suit in place of a dress shirt. The polo shirt is often appropriate in business-casual and some professional settings, making it a great option when we’re looking for something a little different. If you don’t have a suit, you can still get the same effect and give off suit-like vibes by wearing a polo shirt with a pair of slacks and a blazer that are similar in color and texture.

Polo shirts are one of those endlessly versatile closet essentials that just keep becoming more and more interesting to style and wear.


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