How to Style Plus Size Leggings for the Office

How to Style Plus Size Leggings for the Office

As much as we all love being that woman who can do it all day in and day out, sometimes just the idea of doing it all (yet again) in a pair of wool dress pants is just too much. Staying on your game 40 hours a week is harder when you have to wear restrictive, uncomfortable clothes every day. Free yourself of the daily torture of dress pants and swap them out for the ultra-comfy and stylish knit leggings you love instead. Keep reading for a few of our tips on how you can wear plus size leggings to work without losing an ounce of professionalism and continue being the woman who can do it all (and look good doing it).

What color leggings are appropriate for the office?

The number one rule of wearing leggings to work is to make sure they can pass as work clothes. The ultimate goal, after all, is for them to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your work wardrobe without drawing unwanted attention to what you are – or are not – wearing to the office. Play it safe and stick with colors that are similar to the plus size dress pants you would normally wear – like black, dark navy, and charcoal gray. Save the vibrant pastels and fun prints for those stress-relieving post-work yoga classes instead.

Are leggings with sheen OK to wear to work?

The truth is wearing leggings with any sheen at all could make you look like you’re more ready to work out than get to work. Avoid looking like you’re there to run literal laps around your coworkers and opt for knit work leggings that provide a neutral look instead. Not only will they keep you comfy from the moment you clock in but they’ll smooth your shape and never look cheap no matter how long your day gets.

Does the quality of leggings matter when wearing them to the office?

Absolutely. Always go for work leggings made from substantial fabric – never thin – that won’t put you in the awkward position of bright-light transparencies when you sit down or bend over. Plus, a wide elastic waistband that sits flat against your mid-section and stays there all day is a must-have. The last thing you want is to be tugging at your waistline during an impromptu water cooler sesh with the boss. And of course, if there are any signs of wear and tear to your leggings like pilling on the thighs or fraying at the ankles, it’s time to retire those to the “for exercise only” drawer and treat yourself to some new workplace plus size leggings instead.

What tops are best to wear with work-appropriate leggings?

As much as we’d like it to be true, work leggings just aren’t pants. Being aware of that little fact when you’re planning the rest of your outfit will go a long way in keeping your professional vibe in check. Opt for long, flowy tops that cover your bottom like plus size tunics and extended size sweaters guaranteed to hit mid-thigh. And of course pairing leggings with your favorite plus size dresses is a great way to lengthen the life of your warmer weather wardrobe well into the cooler months of fall and winter.

Can I wear leggings as part of a layered look?

Yes! In fact, if wearing leggings to work have you feeling too casual for the office then adding another layer to your professional ensemble is a great way to detract from what you’re wearing on the bottom. An oversized blazer or plus size cardigan could be exactly what you need to ensure you get the appropriate look you want when you’re wearing leggings to work without sacrificing the professional style you love. And you can always count on a nicer outerwear piece, like a long trench coat or stylish wool coat, to add a bit of class to your plus size work leggings ensemble.

What shoes are best to wear with leggings at the office?

Even if your place of work is ok with casual shoes it’s a good idea to go with the fancy footwear on leggings days. Step up your leggings look at the office by swapping out your casual flats or sneakers for a pair of high heeled shoes or boots. And FYI, if you want the illusion of longer legs stick with shoes that are the same color as your leggings.

How do I make a leggings look appear polished and refined?

It’s all about looking put together. Picture this: no iron white tunic, navy blazer, and black work leggings. Black or light tan pumps or ballet flats. Super classy! Add a few well-placed accessories and you’re there. In fact, a few finishing touches like nice jewelry and polished hair and makeup can go a long way in getting that refined look you’re craving with a legging inspired work outfit. Wearing one or two simple but eye-catching pieces of jewelry like long pendant necklaces or oversized hoop earrings can add just the right amount of glimmer to your M-F look. And spending a little extra time on your hair and makeup in the morning couldn’t hurt either. A messy bun may be a perfectly acceptable hair choice for the office on a normal day but on a wearing-leggings-as-dress-pants day, it could make you seem less professional than you’d like. Balance out your leggings inspired look with polished hair, makeup, and accessories and no one will doubt your dedication to the job for a second.

Ditch those nightmarish dress pants you’ve been tolerating all these years and lean in to the simple luxury of wearing plus size leggings to work all week long. Get everything you need for a comfortable and stylish work wardrobe and today.


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