How to Style Men’s Cargo Pants

How to Style Men’s Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have a long-standing history in fashion. Militaries initially wore them, but they’ve become a staple in men’s clothing over time. Not only are they practical with plenty of pockets, but they are also versatile and comfortable. Whether it’s winter or summer, or whether you’re working or hiking, there’s never a wrong time to wear cargo pants.

Best of all, they’re easy to style. There are a ton of ways to wear a quality pair of cargo pants, so they’re the perfect go-to piece of clothing you can always depend on. Keep reading if you’re unsure what to wear with your cargo pants.

Here are some of the countless ways you can style men’s cargo pants all year round.


If you want comfortable yet functional pants that you can work out in, make a pair of cargo sweats your go-to choice. Not only are they cozy and warm, which means they’re perfect for early morning runs, but they also have roomy pockets that can fit a phone or wallet. Cargo sweatpants paired with men’s active tops will provide you with the comfort you need to work out whether you’re at home, the gym, or outside.

Classic Polo

A polo shirt is another men’s wardrobe staple that’s always in style, so it makes sense that it works so well with cargo pants. This is especially true for warmer weather when cargo pants with men’s polo shirts are an essential outfit. It’s a comfortable look that’s not too dressed down, making it perfect for wearing on your next family outing or date night. Since this combo is a little on the dressier side, it’s something you can wear to work too.

V-Neck Sweater

A men’s v-neck sweater is always a classic look for those times when you want to add a little more style to your outfit. It’s an excellent combination for a casual but professional look for work, but you can take it almost anywhere. Wear it on a date night while you’re out running errands, spending time with family, or hanging out with friends. It’s also warm enough for the winter but lightweight enough for spring, making it an even more versatile look.

Hiking Gear

Cargo pants are great for hikes because they’re comfortable, functional, and protective. So what better way to put them to use than on a hike? Make them a part of your outdoor adventure by wearing them with men’s half-zip tops and a durable pair of men’s boots. Cargo pants are handy for cooler-weather hikes or journeys to higher elevations.


Add some layers to your look to create a casual, relaxed outfit you can wear anytime. You get even more opportunities to create unique looks—from simple to a little more dressed up—by adding layers. Staying home? Pair your cargo sweatpants with a nice graphic tee and a zip-up hoodie. Going out with the family? Wear a classic pair of cargo pants with men’s button-down shirts underneath men’s cashmere sweaters.


A cardigan sweater is another staple item that you should always have on hand, and they work perfectly with cargo pants. Not only is this combination another fun way to layer, but it’s a great way to mix textures and patterns. A thick cable-knit shaker cardigan paired with a cotton shirt is a minimal look that works day or night, but you can also add a striped cardigan and button-down shirt.


Hoodies are always in style, which makes them the perfect top to combine with cargo pants. Whether you’re wearing heavier pants or activewear, a hoodie always works well with men’s cargo pants. For a minimal look that’s casual and cool, pair a grey pullover hoodie with army green or khaki jogger cargo pants. When you’re at home, lounge around in cozy cargo sweats and a zip-up hoodie with a breathable cotton t-shirt.

Flannel Shirts

When there’s snow or rain, you need outfits that will keep you insulated and protected from the elements. That’s why heavy-duty flannel shirts have been a mainstay in menswear for decades. They’re not just for working outside, though. They’re also a stylish way to elevate your fall and winter cargo pants. This look will add more color to your cold-weather wardrobe and complement a classic pair of cargo pants.


Speaking of your cold-weather wardrobe, there’s nothing quite like a soft fleece sweatshirt or jacket to wear with your cargo pants. And with so many different styles, you can stay warm in a variety of stylish ways. Combine a khaki pair of cargo pants with a deep burgundy or navy half-zip fleece sweatshirt. Or you can dress it down a little bit with a fleece-lined hoodie. For lazy days at home, swap your more structured cargos for a laid-back pair of cargo sweatpants.

With these style tips, you’ll never run out of ways to wear men’s cargo pants!


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