How to style a linen shirt for men

How to Style a Linen Shirt for Men

Stay cool and look stylish in linen shirts this summer. Men’s linen shirts come in casual and semi-dressy styles, and they’re available in sizes to fit every body. In this guide, you’ll find more information about this natural fiber and ways to style linen shirts for men by occasion and season:

Why Wear Linen Shirts?

Linen is an excellent fabric for summer apparel and bedding because it’s lightweight and breathable. It has moisture-wicking properties and dries quickly, which makes men’s linen shirts a stay-cool choice for hot summer days. Linen sheets have the same properties. Swap fall and winter flannel sheets for linen in the spring and summer; there are also linen duvet covers for an upscale hotel-inspired look.

Linen shirts are stylish, whether you wear them with casual men’s shorts or chino pants. They pair well with men’s dress pants and you can wear them with men’s jeans, too. Plus, linen is a sustainably sourced natural product derived from the flax plant. Some harvesters cut the flax while others pull it. Once it’s harvested, the fiber and seed are separated. After being cleaned and processed, the plant fiber is woven into fabric that’s soft, strong and often machine-washable.

Styling a Linen Button-Down Shirt

There are different types of linen men’s button-down shirts. If you’re going for a resort-inspired look—or headed to an actual resort—a linen vacation shirt is in order. This shirt style is casual yet polished, so you can wear it when you go out to lunch or date night at the movies. It’s inspired by retro shirt silhouettes with modern detailing that pairs with everything from khaki shorts to athletic wear.

Another option is a traditional-fit linen button-down shirt. This shirt style can be worn on its own with men’s dress pants or chino pants, or you can layer it with a lightweight sweater or vest. For a vacation look, slip a relaxed-fit linen button-down over a men’s tank top or T-shirt and pair with your favorite men’s shorts.

You don’t need many accessories when wearing a linen shirt and men’s shorts or pants. A pair of slides or sandals is enough to complete the look. If you want to dress things up, a gold or silver wristwatch is a functional way to accessorize.

Styling a Linen Polo Shirt

Another option for summer are men’s polo shirts. There are polos made from light, breathable fabrics including Supima cotton and of course, linen. Some polo shirts and other shirt styles may combine linen and cotton for the best features of each fabric. If you’re seeking a shirt that can go from the office to the golf course, consider a linen polo.

Linen polo shirts can be dressed up or down. As mentioned before, a high-end watch is a dressy accessory for a linen shirt. For polo shirts, consider men’s dress pants and a pair of men’s dress shoes for formal occasions. Polo shirts complement cargo shorts and men’s jeans of all styles, so experiment with different fashion combinations to find your favorite polo-centric outfits.

Styling a Linen T-Shirt

If you want a casual men’s shirt for summer with a dressy vibe, opt for a cotton/linen T-shirt. This shirt style looks like regular men’s T-shirts, except it’s enhanced with linen for a dressier look and added comfort on hot days. Linen tees can impart a distinguished look to casual summer shorts, and they’re great for semi-dressy occasions such as a day at the museum or an evening at a patio cocktail party.

Linen T-shirts come in multiple colors and prints. Solid colors go with almost every type of bottoms and are easy to layer with button-downs and sweaters. Stripes and other classic prints are also universally stylish and easy to mix-and-match with other pieces. There aren’t any fashion rules to follow, so play around with colors and motifs that catch your eye.

You can combine patterns for a laid-back beachy look. For example, a checkered button-down over a striped linen tee is a look that goes with everything from men’s swim trunks to khaki shorts or chinos. Or consider combining monochromatic layered shirts with matching shorts for a modern look that’s right on-trend.

Other Linen Apparel for Men

Wear men’s linen shirts with shorts made from the same material for a well-matched look. Linen deck shorts have elastic at the waist with a drawcord for a custom fit, and they’re lightweight enough for the hottest days. If they happen to get wet, linen shorts dry quickly, making them a great fashion choice for a beach barbecue or boat excursion.

You may even find linen aprons for grilling. These aprons are excellent birthday and holiday gifts for the grill enthusiast, and many styles come with pockets for keeping grilling utensils and favorite seasonings close at hand. Explore the linen apparel and accessories to find clothing for men that fits every body and most every occasion.


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