How to Style Baggy Jeans if You’re Petite

How to Style Baggy Jeans if You’re Petite

If you’re a petite woman, by fashion industry standards, that means you’re under 5’3” or 5’4”, depending on the designer. You’ve probably had to pay attention to what you wear so that your clothing doesn’t make you look even more vertically challenged. It’s all about proportion, of course, and that applies to your jeans as well.

If you’re tired of skinny jeans and want to invest in a pair of on-trend baggy jeans but aren’t sure what to wear with them, no worries. Read on for some tips on how to style baggy jeans if you’re petite.

Choose Jeans That Flatter Your Body Type

“Age is just a number,” or so the saying goes. The same is true when it comes to height — it's also just a number. Petite women come in all shapes, from skinny to plus size and from stick straight to curvy. So it’s important to choose baggy jeans that flatter your body type. You might look best in a pair that’s baggy from waist to hem, or perhaps you prefer a fit that’s loose in the thighs and tapers slightly at the bottom. Do try to find a pair of high-waisted or high-rise jeans, which will help elongate your legs and make you look taller. Also, don’t be afraid to have your jeans tailored, so they fit you better. Knowing that you look fantastic in your baggy jeans is half the battle to styling them.

Start With Your Top

If you are also treating yourself to a new top to go with your jeans, consider its neckline. Certain styles are more flattering on petite women than others. Petite scoop neck tops and V-neck tops elongate the neck. A boatneck top still draws attention to your neck but also lengthens your torso. All these styles go well with baggy jeans. Avoid overly large patterns and wide checks and stripes. Not only can they be overwhelming on a petite top, but you won’t get to see too much of the pattern repetition. Instead, opt for small- to medium-size patterns. Button-down shirts also go well with jeans; leave the top button or two open to create a flattering V shape.

Add a Cardigan Layer

The trick to layering with baggy jeans is to avoid bulk on top, so keep away from thick, chunky sweaters. Choose petite cardigans that hit at the waist or hip; anything longer will overwhelm you. As far as pairing your cardigan and top, pretty much anything goes. You can go the twinset route and choose a top and cardigan in the same color. You can also pair a print top with a solid cardigan or do the reverse. If your cardigan has buttons, you can even skip the top; simply button up the cardigan and wear it like you would a pullover.

Swap Layers for a Pullover Sweater

Speaking of pullovers, they offer another option for styling baggy jeans. Skip the oversize, boxy sweaters and the ones with too-long sleeves and instead choose a more closely fitted sweater. The rule for necklines also applies to sweaters, so look for petite V-neck sweaters or scoop neck sweaters. For extra indulgence, treat yourself to an angora or cashmere sweater.

Have Fun With Footwear

When it comes to choosing footwear for your baggy jeans, you’ve got plenty of options. If your jeans are ankle length, you can dress them up with a pair of booties in leather or suede. Booties come in varying heel heights, so be sure to choose a pair you can comfortably walk in. If you’re not a fan of booties, opt for a cute pair of flats in a fun, bright color or a fashionable pattern, such as the ever-popular leopard print. For the ultimate in trendy, casual footwear, try a pair of white platform sneakers, especially with longer hems.

Remember to Accessorize

Don’t forget to add accessories when you’re styling your baggy jeans. Because they come in so many fabrics and patterns, fashion scarves are a great way to change up an outfit. Wear a large scarf like a shawl or throw it over one shoulder and belt it, so it doesn’t keep falling off. A belt is a useful accessory in general because it adds definition to the waistline. Moreover, if your jeans have belt loops and your top is tucked in, a belt adds a finishing touch.

Also, take care when choosing a purse or handbag. Large shoulder bags or handbags can overwhelm petite individuals. Not to mention, the more space you have in a bag, the more stuff you tend to throw in. Opt for a cross-body bag to avoid the shoulder and arm pain that comes from carrying a too-heavy bag. Choose a bag with a strap that’s long enough, so the bag hits at the hip; otherwise, your torso will look too short. Finally, consider your jewelry choices. Don’t be afraid to wear bold earrings or a statement necklace that draws the eye upward.

When it comes to styling your baggy jeans, if you’re petite, you can mix and match the suggestions here, as well as add some of your own ideas. Be confident in your choices, and you’ll look fantastic no matter how you style your outfit.


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