How to Style a Skort

How to Style a Skort

Skorts are a wonderful invention. A mix between "skirt" and "shorts," different versions of skorts have been around since the early 1900s. This was around the time women's fashion began to transition from dresses and long skirts to clothes that allowed more freedom of movement.

Skorts strike an excellent balance between being feminine and being practical. Pants and shorts are nice, but they don't have the same style a skirt does. Sometimes you want something shorter, so pants won't work, but you are going somewhere nice, where an outfit with shorts may not fit in. Skirts are a natural choice.

But then, sometimes, we are doing things that require all of our focus, and we don't have time to worry about the positions we may be in. A particular example of this is an athletic activity, especially if it is competitive. You have a job to do for your team, and your teammates are counting on you to do it. You may end up in places where a skirt would give the world a risque view you would rather it not see. With a skort, modesty is built-in, and therefore, so is freedom of movement.

So how do you style a skort?

It depends on the style of skort you are planning to wear. Here are some different skorts and different pieces you can pair them with.

The Athletic Skort

When you have an athletic skort, it is shorter and made of stretchy material. It should allow you the full range of motion of your legs. This is a staple piece among women's professional tennis athletes and wow, do those ladies look good. You can look at different pro players and see what they wear with their skorts, but in general, it matches well with strappy athletic tank tops. Both pieces proudly showcase a feminine style. Finish it with your preferred pair of tennis shoes, and you are ready for the game!

The Work Skort

These skorts are virtually indistinguishable from skirts on the outside--there are even pencil skirt skorts! Many of these work skorts are modest, in reserved colors, and classy fabrics. They are lovely when you need pockets! Not everything can be carried in a purse. When it's hot, but the occasion is not formal enough for a dress while still being too fancy for shorts, a skort can come to your rescue. Combined with a nice blouse or collared shirt and you have an outfit that you can wear confidently to any meeting.

The Party Skort

You got invited to this party, and you want to be free to have fun and look cute at the same time. A skort is your answer! Skorts come in causal styles and bright colors that totally work in the party scene. Wear this skort with your fun-and-flirty party top and some heels, give that makeup a touch-up, and you are ready to rule the night.

The Coffee Shop Skort

This look is for when you plan to have a laid-back day, so you want something comfortable, but you don't want to just stay inside your house which means you need to be wearing something you can be seen in—for example, if you want to hang out at a coffee shop or with a friend. Enter the skort. Cute enough to make it look like you worked on your outfit, but comfortable enough that you can lounge without consequences, a skort is a great casual look. A women's t-shirts could be a good combination, or maybe a looser peasant top. Bring a cardigan in case it's a chilly morning (or if it turns into a chilly evening) and you can sip your beverage of choice to your heart's content.

The Classy Skort

A little less formal than the work skort, but still something you can wear to a fancy luncheon or on a date, this skort can make you look and feel like a socialite in the city. The great thing is, a skort can free you up to wear something on the shorter side without putting your dignity in danger. Pair it with a sophisticated sleeveless top or a chic blouse... maybe add a blazer over the top. With some elegant heels, a cute purse, and some haughty shades, nothing can stand in your way.

Skorts are flexible pieces. They let us try out some different styles and combine different clothing functions. There is a skort for every style and you never know when you might be glad you are wearing a skort and not a skirt. Give it a try!


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