How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit as an Everyday Bodysuit

How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit as an Everyday Bodysuit

Bodysuits have been coming back into style for a couple of years now, and in 2021, they’ll be an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Considering the wide-legged pants and jeans that women are wearing these days, a bodysuit can be the yin to the yang of an outfit. But there are different styles of bodysuits, and you may find yourself holding one up and wondering, “How is this any different than my one-piece swimsuit?” In fact, you may also be wondering whether it is OK to wear your swimsuit as a bodysuit. Well, we’re here to tell you that is perfectly OK and even preferable in some cases. In fact, we’ll even give you some tips on how to style your one-piece swimsuit as an everyday bodysuit.

With the Ever-Popular Wide-Legged Jeans

As mentioned above, wide-legged women’s jeans are everywhere this year, and the streamlined look of a slick bodysuit can really look great when paired with them. Elevate the look with a pair of high-waisted jeans that flare out gradually, and you’ll definitely be in style. Don’t feel like you can’t wear your skinny jeans anymore, though. They’ve earned their place in your wardrobe, and if you like them, it’s totally fine and still stylish to wear them! You could always meet in the middle with a pair of straight-legged jeans as well. Each type looks great with heels, flats, or sandals.

With Shorts

A one-piece bathing suit with shorts is not only stylish but also practical. After all, if you’re headed to the beach or pool, you don’t have to worry about switching into a change of clothes when you get there. Nor do you have to try to wiggle your way out of a soaking wet swimsuit when it’s time to go. Your suit will dry more quickly with you in it than when it’s bunched up at the bottom of a beach bag anyway. So when you’re done having fun in the sun, just allow a few extra moments to dry off and then slide on your shorts when it’s time to go. Easy peasy.

With a Long Flowing Skirt

Similar to the way a streamlined bodysuit looks with wide-legged or flared jeans, it also looks great contrasted with a long, flowy skirt. Consider the neckline as well. If the skirt is more traditional and dressy, you might want to stick with a swimsuit that has a traditional set of straps, making it look like a simple tank top instead of a bodysuit. Alternatively, a skirt with a slit up one side could look incredible with a single-strap or an off-the-shoulder one-piece swimsuit. Add some dangly earrings and you’ll look fantastic for date night.

Under a Blazer

There’s really no reason anyone has to know that your bodysuit was actually sold as a swimsuit—especially not your work colleagues. And during warm summer days, a swimsuit can even treat you better than a standard bodysuit might, as it keeps its shape so well and tolerates perspiration better. Plus, its UPF coating helps it resist fading. Worn under a blazer with some dress pants or a skirt is a great way to make it work overtime as a valued part of your summer career wardrobe.

Under a Flannel Shirt

If you love a good beachside bonfire, be sure to have a great one-piece swimsuit and flannel shirt in your wardrobe, ready to hit the beach when you are. During the day, the flannel can be tucked into your beach bag safely since it is durable and wrinkle-resistant. Or it could be tied around your waist over your swimsuit (disguised as a bodysuit) and a pair of shorts. If the moment strikes you, you can always jump into the waves, leaving everyone else envious that they didn’t dress for the occasion. After you dry off and the cooler nighttime air arrives, you’ll have that handy flannel on you to cover up with as you sit by the fire.

As Part of Your Winter Wardrobe

With sun protection being so important, there are more long-sleeve bathing suits available than ever before. And, they look really stylish, totally playing the part of a long-sleeve bodysuit. You can typically find these long-sleeve swimsuits sold as rash guards as well. However, regardless of what they’re called, they look great worn with a pair of jeans and under a slick leather jacket in fall and winter.

Letting your one-piece swimsuit double as a bodysuit is not only a sustainable way to live but a smart and stylish way to make use of the clothes you have.


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