How to Style a Men’s Polo Shirt?

How to Style a Men’s Polo Shirt?

Every man should have at least a few men's polo shirts on hand at any time—they’re the perfect shirt to throw on to class up any outfit, while also being the ideal way to make your office wardrobe a bit more casual. We recommend having a range of options in different fabrics and colors, from the classic knitted blend to the easy cotton polo, to the long-sleeve polo sweater. It’s incredible what a few buttons and a collar can do to the average men’s top. Necklines for men tend to be pretty standard compared to all the options for women, but the polo is one way that men can mix things up, adding a little flair to their upper half. But once you’ve found your favorites, how do you style a men’s polo shirt? You can’t really go wrong, but we have a few suggestions for how to look your best in this iconic men’s style. Here’s how we recommend styling a men’s polo shirt.

Pair with Khakis or Twill Pants

Perhaps the most classic pairing, a polo shirt, and khaki pant go together perfectly. They’re both business casual wardrobe staples, and when put together, give any man a sleek, sophisticated look that still knows how to have a good time. Wear your polo tucked in or left out of your khakis—both are acceptable options. If you decide to tuck it in for a more sleek European look, add a chic leather belt to tie it all together.

Wear With a Crisp Pair of Jeans

It doesn’t get more all-American than this. A polo shirt and some fresh men's jeans is a strong look for so many occasions—from when you’re going for business casual at work, or just meeting some friends for brunch or a drink. This outfit is great for when you want to keep things laid-back, but still present a look that shows you put in a little effort. Cuff your jeans and pair with some stylish loafers or sneakers with ankle socks.


While the general rule is to wear your polo unbuttoned, why not break with tradition? Wearing your polo shirt this way is surprisingly cool, in that it’s both “buttoned-up” (literally) and going against the grain. It’s a fun twist on a classic style, and will make you stand out the next time you want to wear your favorite polo shirt.

Polo and Shorts

For the warmer seasons, a polo looks great with a pair of men's shorts. A pair of khaki shorts with a polo shirt is a pretty classic look, and it can be preppy if you pair it with a pair of loafers, or simply weekend casual with a pair of sandals or sneakers. Wear it on the sidelines at the soccer game (or even on the field if you need to step in to play referee) without sweating through its breathable fabric. Throw it on with men's swim trunks at the beach when it’s time to cover up, either from the blazing sun, or when the temperature begins to drop.

With a Blazer

When you need to be work-appropriate but still want to be ultra-comfortable, the polo shirt-blazer combo is your best friend. Save the stiff button-down shirt look for a more formal occasion and bring a little levity to the office, conference, or meeting. Wearing a super crisp polo shirt under a blazer is a modern update to the standard work or professional look, and brings a new spin to the usual suited-up ensemble.

Top It Off With a Pair of Shades

The cherry on top of any men’s polo shirt look is a sleek pair of sunglasses. We don’t quite know what it is, but the shirt practically begs to be worn with shades. Maybe it’s the shirt’s origins as part of an outdoor athletic ensemble, worn to play polo, golf, tennis, and other sports in the early 1900s. Maybe it’s the way the polo just adds a layer of “cool” to any look. But to walk down the street in a perfect-fitting polo of any color, whether it’s a neutral shade or a brighter hue that always gets compliments, plus a pair of sunglasses, and your look is instantly upgraded. Slip them into the pocket of your polo, or onto the unbuttoned-hem of your shirt, for another spin on the polo-and-shades look.

Wearing a polo shirt already adds so much to your outfit, so how you style it just gives your look another layer. Express your personality through your polo shirt style, whether you want to be the dapper man in the blazer, or the laid-back weekend guy in the shorts and sandals. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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