How to Style a Cardigan for the Office

How to Style a Cardigan for the Office

Cardigans are the most subtle yet fashionably cozy item to wear at the office. No work wardrobe is truly complete without a selection of cardigans that will keep you warm, fashionable, and comfortable. Women’s cardigan sweaters come in a wide variety of designs, colors, fits, and lengths, making it easy to style for even the most conservative office settings.

We love a fitted button-up cardigan that adds a subtle touch to your traditional office outfit. It’s a style that’s easy to wear over a tucked-in blouse with dark-colored slacks, or over a simple dress to keep the arms and shoulders covered. Loose and long cardigans are great additions to a more laid-back office look. Pair with similarly colored shoes or accessories to create a harmonious outfit.

Choose a wrap cardigan to make a traditional office outfit look a little more stylish and casual. The options for styling a cardigan for the office are endless, so read on for some of our favorite ways to wear cardigans to work.


The only thing that pairs better with a classy women’s blouse than a cardigan is perhaps a blazer jacket. However, where a blazer can look more straightforward and austere, a cardigan sweater adds a softness to the blouse. A cardigan is so subtle that it will seamlessly integrate into most work outfits. A cardigan is also a statement piece that smoothes the edges of an outfit while also keeping you warm. This is a win-win for us! Wear a simple and sweet cardigan over a modest blouse, styled with a skirt or slacks, for a straightforward yet timeless office look. It will surely bring the whole outfit together without standing out too much. Top the whole outfit off with a blazer for a great ensemble.

Midi Skirt

Style a cardigan with a sophisticated midi skirt for an ultra-fabulous office look. Skirts are usually more comfortable, after all. Wear with a cashmere cardigan to feel cozy while looking fabulous. While midi skirts and cardigans pair nicely in even casual circumstances, you can use neutral tones and textures for a more office-appropriate look. Choose a more fitted midi skirt with a neutral color such as black, gray, dark blue, brown, or burgundy. Wear with a silk blouse, and top it all off with a finely knit wrap cardigan. The draping of the wrap cardigan will contrast beautifully with the fitted silhouette of the midi skirt.


Turtlenecks are one of the best choices for just about any office outfit. The sleek and sophisticated look of turtlenecks pairs perfectly with the loose and flowing look of a long cardigan. Wear a long cashmere cardigan over a turtleneck and some black jeans. For an added shape and stylish tweak, use a black or brown leather waist belt to cinch the waist and close the cardigan over the outfit. Wear with mules, heels, or boots for a stylish office look that’s just as appropriate for work as it is for going out on the town.

But turtlenecks don’t only look good under long cardigans. Wear them under just about any style of cardigan for a classy and sharp look that is perfect for any office setting.

Jeans or Slacks

It’s not always appropriate to wear jeans to work, but when it is, we find it best to wear darker washes and tighter fits. If jeans are a no-go in your office, no worries. Opt instead for women’s black jeans, jeggings, or a pair of slacks. Any of these options will go great with most cardigans. As a rule of thumb, we like to balance and contrast upper and lower parts of an outfit. If you are wearing tighter jeans, perhaps opt for a looser cardigan slipped on over a tucked-in silk blouse. If you are wearing looser fitting slacks and flats, then perhaps pair with a tighter, cropped cardigan that can balance the weight of the outfit.

In some cases, the shape of a cardigan over slacks and a blouse keeps the shape of a blazer without the discomfort of having to wear a blazer all day. This makes cardigans an even more interesting item to wear to the office.


Just about every woman likes to wear a sleeveless dress to the office sometimes. This can occasionally be off-putting because it’s not ideal to leave your arms and shoulders uncovered all day. Luckily, cardigans are here to fix that problem. Keeping bare skin warm and covered in chilly offices is one reason why cardigans are perfect to style with dresses for the office. Women’s dresses look stunning and conservative enough under even the simplest of cardigans. Wear a knit dress with a long wrap cardigan for an effortless, yet comfortable office look.

Cardigans are one of the best office clothing items out there. Keep one on the back of your chair or drape it over your shoulders so that you can slip it on when needed. You will be comfortable and stylish all day long.


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