Plan the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night

How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night

If you want to do something different and fun, select an activity that you normally enjoy indoors and take it outside. Movie nights are fun when you're on the living room couch, but they can become an extraordinary experience outside. This kind of event will take some planning to keep everyone comfortable, but when executed properly, you can have a great time. What do you need to make this event flourish? Check out these tips on planning the perfect outdoor movie night.

Get the Right Gear

Watching a movie outside isn't as simple as moving your TV out into your backyard. After all, a move like this can cause some serious inconveniences, not to mention damage to your expensive devices. Instead, a fun movie night will require some investment in proper outdoor screening materials such as a projector and screen. This setup will enable you to invite a large audience to join in on the fun. Head over to your local electronics store and ask about top recommendations for screens and projectors, or you can scope out some good deals online.

Surprisingly, there are many affordable options that can project movies from your smartphone. Some of these products even cost under $100. Though many of these projectors already come with built-in stereo sound, the volume is suited for indoor use. For good outdoor sound, you need to hook up an exterior amp to the projector. Thankfully, a mid-grade amplifier shouldn’t break the bank, either. And finally, you will either need to project the film against the side of a house or a projector screen. Either option works, but the results are typically better with a professional-grade screen.

Use Outdoor Furniture

Taking indoor furniture outside for a movie night is a huge risk, so it's better to relax on chairs and sofas that were made expressly for the outdoors. Outdoor furniture is made of materials that resist moisture and pests and can withstand the elements. When you use outdoor furniture like portable camping chairs, Adirondack chairs, side tables, dining sets, and more, everyone can find somewhere cozy to sit while staying off the damp grass. If you have old bean bags that you don’t mind using outdoors, then get extra peace of mind by using some bean bag covers that can easily be washed after the event.

Keep Cozy Comforts Close

If you plan to host a movie night when the weather is chilly, then it's important to offer some cold-weather comforts. Put a fleece throw over each chair so that every guest can use one in case they need extra warmth. It’s also a good idea to keep a few beach towels nearby to wipe away any spills or dampness from the outdoor furniture. Other considerations like leaving out bug spray will also make the event better for everyone.

A beverage and snack station close to all the outdoor seating can also make the event a bonafide movie experience. After all, it’s always fun to munch on popcorn and sips a sweet soda while watching a movie. It’s a chance for everyone to leave their cares behind and get swept away in a story. By offering these kinds of cozy accents, you will help each guest unwind and immerse themselves in the movie.

Leave out Toys for Kids

When a movie night includes guests of all ages, then it's important to make accommodations for younger children. Since small kids don't have the full attention span to sit through the whole movie, it's useful to make other forms of entertainment available. For instance, keep a bunch of toys and books in a couple of storage baskets. When a young child gets antsy, this resource will give them a steady supply of entertainment that they can get their hands on. Small kids want to constantly explore, so offering a diverse selection of textures and colors within this toy box will keep them busy. For the best overall experience, make sure that these toys are quiet — remove batteries, if necessary — and don’t disturb the other guests who are enjoying the movie.

Give Out Party Favors

Watching a movie outside is a special occasion. That drive-in movie-style experience from this event will certainly give everyone lasting memories. So, why not offer some mementos for the party? If you’re showing a classic movie, then look online for party favors that include the movie’s main characters, like take-home candy boxes. For popular kids’ movies, it’s easy to find disposable tablecloths, cups, and plates that display the movie’s name and main characters at a party store. When you start looking, you'll be surprised at what treasures you can find and share with your friends.

When you set up an outdoor movie night with the right furniture, snacks, and other comforts, everyone will have a wonderful time!

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