How to Look Put Together but Casual

How to Look Put Together but Casual

We’ve all seen it before: women with messy hair that somehow looks fabulous, wearing sweatpants with the perfect accessories so they still look stylish, or dressed in something you’d only be seen wearing at home but still looking incredibly put together and gorgeous. Casual chic is just one of those styles that can be hard to pin down, but once you have the hang of it, it becomes an effortless way to get dressed in the morning. Especially in a year where comfy casual clothing has become a staple basic, learning how to style your favorite comfortable clothing in a way that looks put together yet still casual is going to serve you well.

Choose Neutral Colors and Monochromes

Choosing the right colors is going to be helpful when trying to dress up your favorite casual looks. Light and dark neutral colors like black, olive, gray, tan, cream, and navy are going to help whatever you’re wearing look more put together. When you have a wide range of neutral colored pieces in your wardrobe, it’s going to be easier to throw them together in a way that looks comfortable yet stylish. You can easily pair together both contrasting and complementary colors for an outfit that will look great without standing out too much. Also, explore wearing monochrome looks. The unison of the outfit will tie your whole look together, even if you’re just wearing women’s jeans.

Add Heels or Embrace Flats

Wearing heels or flats can be what takes your outfit from one level to the next. Dress up a cute boyfriend jean or chunky sweater look with a pair of daytime heels or wedges. Alternatively, dress down your dressier ensemble with a pair of cute flats. Your choice of shoe may be all you need to bring your entire outfit together.

Balance Visual Weight

Balancing the visual weight of an outfit is imperative for having it look put. Wearing too many baggy or too many tight-fitting pieces is going to send your outfit toward one end or the other on the chic versus casual spectrum. Too many baggy pieces can often look too casual, whereas too many fitted pieces can make you look a little dressier or conservative. Instead, find the balance. Wear a pair of wide-legged jeans with a tight-fitting crop top and block heels. Alternatively, wear your favorite oversized chunky women’s sweater with skinny jeans and cute flats. The balance will bring the whole casual yet chic look together perfectly.

Wear Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses for women are the ultimate casual-chic look. Flowy and loose yet elegant and sultry, these dresses are comfortable and stylish all at once without any effort on your part. Wear them in the summer with strappy sandals and a linen shirt, or wear them in the winter under a sweater and blazer with leather boots. Either way, you will look and feel amazing.

Layer Up

Layers can take even your most casual T-shirt and jeans look to the next level. Layer a button-down blouse over your favorite T-shirt and throw on a sophisticated looking blazer on top. Even if you’re wearing sneakers or stressed denim, the layering of the button-down blouse and blazer can take your outfit to the next level. Adding a jacket to many looks can take it from just casual to looking good, too. Wear a leather jacket or a nice denim jacket with even sweatpants to make you look a whole lot more put together than if you had just opted for your hoodie instead. Balancing classic and dressier pieces with your favorite casual and comfy basics is going to help you strike the perfect balance between looking good and casual all at once.

Try Sweatsuits, Jumpsuits, and Rompers

Sweatsuits, jumpsuits, and rompers are must-have items for your casual chic closet. Rompers and jumpsuits especially are effortless to wear, not to mention comfortable and stylish. Wear rompers in the summer months and switch to jumpsuits during the cooler weather. Perhaps the most on-theme fashion style of 2020 was the promotion of the sweatsuit from basic workout wear reminiscent of the 80s to stylish loungewear staple appropriate for all kinds of day-to-day occasions. Find yourself a matching sweatsuit to help you take comfy chic to the next level. Wear it with a leather jacket for an extra chic element.

Treat Leggings like Pants

Masters of the casual chic look have forever known that leggings are actually pants. Wear leggings beneath long shirts, tunic, or sweaters for the ultimate way to look casual chic while still feeling comfortable and stylish. Try dark-colored, solid leggings, and choose tops that cover the hips and bum. Black leggings almost look like tights, making them appear dressier. Wear black leggings beneath your favorite long tops and a cute jacket for a complete casual chic masterpiece. Go the extra mile and wear with your favorite boots.

Mastering the casual chic look is going to feel like one of your greatest accomplishments this year. Not only will you feel utterly fabulous, but you’ll also feel amazingly comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Just remember, balance pairing your favorite comfy basics with some dressier classic pieces and you’re good to go.


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