How to Keep Up Your Classic Style With Cheetah Prints

How to Keep Up Your Classical Style With Cheetah Prints

Animal prints have been so consistently trendy that they’ve reached classic status in the fashion world. These homages to our faunal friends remain at the forefront of our wardrobes and are even considered by some to be fashion’s newest neutral. No longer just a fad or a funky trend, animal prints are here to stay. So if you don’t have a plethora of prints on hand in your closet, then it’s time to up your game to keep up your classic style with some wildlife-inspired prints. You may be familiar with the usual leopard print, snakeskin, or zebra look, but have you stocked up on your cheetah?

Cheetah Print vs. Leopard Print

You may be wondering what the difference is between leopard print and cheetah print and why having just leopard print isn’t enough. While leopard print remains a cool classic in the world of animal prints, cheetah is that fast and funky polka dot look that adds a different vibe to your ensemble. Cheetah print is indeed similar to leopard print but has its distinctions. The dots themselves on cheetah print are closed to look more like spots than leopard print rosettes. Also, the background hue is a little different. Cheetah prints have a beige hue that is noticeably lighter than leopard print.

While both prints are classic styles, leopard print offers a more cool and alluring feel while cheetah print appears more fast and fiery. If you don’t know what we mean, then get yourself some leopard and cheetah prints to compare how each distinct pattern makes you feel when you wear them.

Go Bold or Go Home

One of our favorite things about how animal print has infiltrated the fashion world as a classic staple is that these wild prints no longer need to show up as tasteful accents but can also be worn as the main piece. This look is really the go bold but be glamorous take on animal print. Take your cheetah print to the next level by wearing a lot of it. We love this print worn full force on a maxi dress for women where it is both eye-catching and fierce. Belt your cheetah maxi dress at the waist and wear it with a denim jacket and some big glasses for the perfect classic summer look.

There are some other stylish ways people are integrating cheetah into their look as the main star. Wearing cheetah-print on other big pieces such as blazers, overcoats, skirts, and even women’s pants is all the rage. If you’re looking to add an extra something to your look, then a big cheetah print statement piece is a classic way to go.

Wild Swimwear

Another place to integrate cheetah print into your classic style is on your swimwear. We’ve all seen animal print swimwear, and for a good reason, because it’s totally fabulous. You’ll find yourself like a cheetah stretching itself out in the savannah wearing a cheetah-print swimsuit to the beach this summer. Cheetah print looks great on a classic one-piece, a matching two-piece, or mixed and matched with other solid colors. Wear a cheetah-print swimsuit top with a pair of black bottoms for a combo that’s perfect for summer.

Stretch Like a Cheetah

Another great way to rock cheetah print is on all your activewear. Stretch it out like a cheetah by wearing cheetah print to your favorite workout class, the gym, or to a yoga retreat. If there’s anywhere in the fashion world that animal prints have taken firm hold, it’s in the realm of activewear. We love the look of cheetah-printed women’s yoga pants with just about anything. Wear a neutral T-shirt, favorite sweatshirt, or a plain black tank top for your workouts. Cheetah print also looks fabulous on yoga shorts or bike shorts for wearing all summer during your various activities.

The great thing about cheetah-printed leggings is that you can easily dress them up and take them out. Make them your statement piece for an evening out by simply wearing them with a cute pair of shoes and a black fancy shirt, ideally with a longer hem. One of the parts about cheetah on leggings is that they look good almost anywhere for anything. Wear to yoga, then dress up for a night out for that same classic stylish look that requires little effort.

Spotted Accents

Though we love a good animal print takeover when it comes to styling an outfit, cheetah print can also be more subtly integrated into your look for some stylish spotted accents that add a little something extra to whatever you’re wearing. The best way to do this is with small statement pieces or with accessories. Cheetah-print bags, cheetah-print fashion scarves, cheetah-print belts, and even socks can give a nice pop to your outfit in a classically stylish way. We also love the look of a cheetah-printed button-down blouse under a black blazer or leather jacket so that it doesn’t take over the whole outfit but definitely peeks out to leave a stellar impression.

Still not convinced? There are so many reasons that integrating cheetah print into your wardrobe is a great way of keeping up with this classic style. Try a few cheetah-print pieces out! We promise it will be one of your new favorite prints in no time.

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